How to claim the freight van accident insurance , freight van insurance payment process

With the rise of express delivery and e-commerce industry, the logistics industry has developed rapidly. We can often see the truck driving on the street, the truck compared to the van, the probability of an accident is relatively large. Truck accidents are traffic accidents, and claims should be handled according to the traffic accident reporting process. So, what is the settlement process of the truck accident insurance? Let’s learn more about it.

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1. Vehicle risk and report

Timely report to the van insurance company and the traffic management department, and inform the insurance company of the location of the damaged vehicle, in order to investigate and determine the damage to the vehicle.

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2. Obtained the certificate from the traffic police

Show the driving license, driver’s license, identity card, the traffic police to fill in the traffic accident confirmation.

3. Fill out the van insurance form

The driver’s license, driver’s license, identity card and insurance documents shall be presented, and the on-site investigation and preliminary damage determination shall be completed. The claims documents shall be signed and checked, and the notice of motor insurance out of danger/claim shall be filled out, and both parties shall sign for confirmation.

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4. Review and determination of loss by the claimant

After the accident is confirmed, the vehicles of all parties shall immediately go to the on-site fixed loss point of the van insurance claim service point to determine the loss, and fill in the vehicle damage Project confirmation form for motor insurance accident.

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5, sent to the repair factory for repair
6. The van insurance company shall pay the case after review

After the repair of the vehicle and the settlement of the accident, the required information for the insurance claim:

(1) the original and copy of the van insurance policy and the original copy of the batch;
(2) the motor insurance out of danger/claim notice;
(3) relevant driving license, driver’s license, ID card copy;
(4) The relevant compensation receipt, auto repair invoice and other original;
(5) road traffic accident liability certificate.

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With the complexity of traffic conditions, traffic accidents are inevitable. What we can do is to minimize the occurrence of accidents, especially for the truck, it is more necessary to be vigilant in the daily driving process, to avoid the accident. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the comprehensive plan of insurance, for their own travel, even if the accident can be easily handled.

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