Get auto insurance online is reliable? high credibility?

Many friends are worried about the difficulty of buying car insurance claims online, but now even the offline claims, the company may want you to go through the process online, so, worry about online to buy car insurance is not reliable worry is not necessary, see clearly the configuration of the car insurance is the focus, no car insurance experience friends suggest to see: How to buy the most cost-effective car insurance.

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You can rest assured that no matter what kind of channel to buy car insurance, the protection of the claims is the same, the difference is only in the preferential policies and claims services are different. Online sales of car insurance are approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and regulated by the, electronic insurance and paper insurance policies have the same legal effect, so it is absolutely reliable, but also in the entanglement of friends suggest to see: is online car insurance reliable? From which channels can the car insurance be purchased? What is the difference?

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Let me tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of online car insurance:

1. Advantages:

Independent choice: Consumers can choose their own car insurance in the major insurance website, the goods than three, and in the contrast of the premium transparent, clear insurance terms, can be more in line with their own needs to choose, for the car insurance company and the insured can greatly reduce the rate of return.

Service is convenient and fast: online to buy car insurance is also more convenient and fast, buy car insurance and renewal insurance is to move the mouse and keyboard can be completed, without taking time to run the service point, convenient and fast.

buy auto insurance online

2. Disadvantages:

Consumers need to be familiar with the protection content: some friends will say that online to buy car insurance claims difficult, to a large extent, do not understand the loss of the protection content, some auto insurance payment conditions are more harsh, it may be different from the situation in my imagination, and the insurance was not clear at the time, which led to the problem of claims.

To sum up, online to buy car insurance is reliable, but also need to buy the time, carefully compare to understand the actual situation of the company, and then consider what to buy insurance.

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