The second half of life is the fight for health and mentality

The first half of life is to defeat others.

The second half of life is to defeat yourself.

In the first half of our life, we have cut through all the challenges, and all the way, we have a great deal of love.

In the second half of life, we all of a sudden began to become a loneliness, less and less around the adversary, looking back, we found that our only adversary, was himself!

What determines whether you can continue to be brilliant in the second half of your life is whether you can overcome yourself.

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To overcome one’s own pride.

What is pride? When a person can’t cover up his or her folly, it’s pride.

Any person who has a slight achievement will become an pride, which is the basic attribute of human beings.

Pride is also the first of the seven crimes.

The vast majority of people are happy not because they are rich, intelligent, beautiful and happy.

But because you think you are richer, more intelligent, more beautiful and happy than others.

Therefore, there is a basic attribute in human nature: like to create a sense of superiority.

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We often see this kind of scene, a lot of people put themselves in a superior position, talk about a lot of his great, and then look down at you, while giving you a lot of truth.

In fact, they do not want to “inspire” you, but to enjoy their superiority, which is the basic performance of pride.

Those who are insolent are the most intelligent.

They always do everything possible to create a sense of superiority to themselves, and this sense of superiority once formed, the human cavity is also formed, it makes you addicted in the appreciation of others, can not extricate themselves.

Other people only need to bite them in a cooperative manner, so that they can continue to be addicted to their sense of superiority, and can never be aware of reality.

They can only see the smile that the other people are looking for, but they can’t see the knife that others hide in the sleeve.

Therefore, an inclined person is always so easily used and manipulated by others.

Look at such a picture:

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The Cat in the picture regards the snake tail as the tail of a mouse, holding the tail of the snake with its paws without fear.

The theme of the painting is: “You never know who is playing with you!”

Because you don’t know who you are playing with, so don’t look down or underestimate anyone.

What you see may be a little, and others have already seen you, just consider whether to hurt you!

Therefore, every insolent person is either won by others without fighting, or by others.

Pride, often puts a person in a very dangerous situation.

In the second half of your life, you have to overcome your pride.

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Overcome your own prejudice.

Most people live in their own biases.

The essence of prejudice, is a person’s cognitive level of the outside world is too shallow, so like to use tags to identify people.

For example, only because of the behavior of a certain person, the conclusion of a region of people, wear a hat, label.

Another example is other forms of racial discrimination, occupational discrimination and gender discrimination.

When it comes to selling health life insurance, it’s a fraud;

Immediately upon hearing that a person is a person in a province (or a person from outside the province), he starts to feel sick;

When I heard that someone is a person of a constellation, I immediately said how this person’s character is……

This kind of unreasonable speculation, too subjective view and selective acceptance, in fact, is a manifestation of ignorance.

Every person has an innate bias, which is one of the fundamental attributes of a person.

People who are full of prejudice can never see through the truth of things, can not see the true face of people, they are rigid, stubborn, narrow vision, will one day suffer.

In the second half of life, you must break through your own prejudice.

Do not hold prejudice, on the matter, on people. We can judge and understand the various facts according to various details.

Once people put down stereotypes, you can understand the world, the human nature, this is the basis for the correct decision-making.

In the second half of life, you must overcome your own prejudice.

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Overcome one’s own desires.

In the first half of life, our driving force mainly comes from various desires, and we are led by desires.

In the second half of life, we must learn to control our desires, not continue to be controlled by them.

In the first half, desire is our master; In the second half, we must be the master of desire.

To overcome one’s own desire is to be able to control the desire, can receive and send, can be hidden, rather than the desire once burned, can not be extinguished.

In the second half of life, if you can’t control your desire and allow it to expand, you will be extremely opposite, happy and sad, buried the seeds of the crisis.

Learning to share, is a good way to manage the desire for material, in the face of interest, we must not be greedy, regardless of all to their arms.

Learn to teach people, make money to be divided, the financial gathering, so that you will help more and more people, you can bind more and more people, so you will be more and more safe.

Learn to know. “Knowing” is not to teach people not to make progress and be content with the status quo, but to teach people to do and stop.

A promising life, should be aggressive degree, free to take, can get a long-term wealth and well-being.

So-called: no desire, no change. If a person can overcome their own desires, it will be non-destructive.

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For example, as a man, see the color can not afford the heart, see the money can not afford the greedy, has been in the invisible away from a lot of disasters, but also to gain more respect and reputation.

Overcome your emotions.

Emotion, is a person’s biggest magic.

“A person who can control a bad mood is far more powerful than a person who can take down a city,” he said.”

Temperament everyone has, to get out is the intuition, pressure is the ability.

Please remember a word: “In the moment of anger, the iQ is almost equal to 0, and the lethality is close to 100!”

A mature person, the first idea of the problem is not to get angry, but why is this? What should I do to solve the problem, or why did the other party do it?

What is his fundamental starting point, whether there is a place I did not think of, or how can I make him aware of the problem.

Learn to converge their intense emotions, is a mature person the necessary ability, but also a person’s most important self-restraint.

In the second half of our life, we must defeat this soul. Just like controlling our own desires, our words and behavior can no longer be subject to our own emotions, but should in turn control our emotions.

Life has been very difficult, why do we have to make each other difficult?

In the second half of life, we need to understand a truth: sometimes let others, is to let go of themselves.

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Overcome their own pattern.

In the first half of life, no matter how much you achieve, if you want to continue to break through in the second half, there is only one breakthrough, that is, to improve your own pattern.

In the first half of life, we often operate in the established order, we form a fixed train of thought and behavior, this is a person’s pattern.

Of course, we have also made some achievements, but it is precisely these achievements limit our thinking and behavior, thus limiting our pattern.

For example, people who do products often only think about how to make products better; Rarely consider whether they can do channels; People who do channels are often better at optimizing channels, rarely to consider whether the platform can be done.

From product thinking, to channel thinking, and then to platform thinking, this is the upgrading of a person’s pattern.

The upgrading of the pattern, in fact, is the promotion of the overall level of a person, so it is often the result of the above four factors, is a comprehensive effect.

When a person can overcome their pride, prejudice, desire, emotion, natural will overcome their own pattern.

In fact, life is like a prisoner of life, the reality is a huge restraint, the world is a huge cage. No matter how we break free, there is no escape.

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Therefore, in the second half of life, we are all fighting for freedom.

The only way to pursue freedom in life is to treat life as a practice.

The best way to practice is to refine the heart of the red dust, the best road is the world of red dust.

Take every piece of common matter/every piece of common people you meet in the world as a tool for your practice.

Every pain we encounter is for us.

Finally, found that freedom is not outside, freedom in their own heart.

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