How much is the maternity insurance

A few days ago, I believe everyone has seen the news that a pregnant woman gave birth to a baby while taking a taxi, and now women are also working people, during pregnancy out suddenly while he’s working to give birth to the baby is not uncommon, in order to improve the treatment of women, many companies are starting to their child-birth insurance. And with the opening of the two-child policy, the maternity insurance is more favored by many young mothers.

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How to handle fertility insurance

(1) women after pregnancy, miscarriage or family planning operation before, by the employer or the streets, the nationality township or the town of labor and social security service station staff carries the application materials to the area of social labor insurance at the maternity insurance window;

(2) the staff member shall issue a medical certificate after acceptance and approval.

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(3) within 30 days after the maternity leave of the female worker, the employer or the staff of the labor security service station of the street or town shall carry the application materials to the maternity insurance window of the social labor insurance department of the district for treatment settlement.

(4) the staff member shall pay the maternity medical expenses and maternity allowance after acceptance and approval.

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What are the conditions for reimbursement of maternity insurance

To enjoy maternity insurance benefits, employees shall meet the following conditions:

1. The employing unit shall pay the accumulated payment for the employee for more than 1 year, and continue to pay the payment for the employee;

2, in line with the national and provincial population and family planning regulations.

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Including maternity allowance and nursing leave allowance declaration process: maternity allowance and nursing leave allowance, respectively, by the male and female side of the unit to the district social security agency to fill in the “maternity allowance and nursing leave allowance declaration review form”. The birth registration form, discharge summary, birth certificate, etc. shall be provided when the maternity allowance is declared, and the birth certificate shall be provided when the nursing leave allowance is declared.

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Methods for querying fertility insurance

First, the social security center inquiries, if you want to understand the payment and reimbursement of your maternity insurance, you can go to the local social security center for Counseling, you need to carry your own social security card and valid documents. The social security center also undertakes services such as the replacement of social security card loss, and the masses can have a comprehensive understanding of their social security contributions.

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Second, online query

Many cities have independent social security service websites. Insured units and individuals can log in to the labor security network or social insurance business website of their cities and click on “personal Social Security information query”, you will be prompted to enter the number of a valid ID and social security password. After entering a valid ID number and password, you can find out the monthly maternity insurance payment.

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Telephone inquiries

Telephone inquiry social security information is convenient and simple, you can call the city’s social security inquiry telephone, online can be obtained. You can also call the Labor and Social Security comprehensive service telephone “12333” policy Counseling and information inquiry.

Can individuals pay maternity insurance

Correctly speaking, the individual can not pay the maternity insurance, the individual can pay the type of insurance only pension and medical care and disease insurance. To enjoy the maternity insurance, there are only two ways, one is to pay by the affiliated unit, and calculate the actual amount of the payment to the affiliated unit every month, but the unit can not only give you a type of insurance, if you need to pay with 5 insurance, now 5 fees are combined. According to our calculation, the unit 5 insurance needs more than 400 yuan per month, which is the lowest base. To enjoy the maternity insurance to pay more than 1 years to enjoy.

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It is not necessary to be attached to the unit, it can be a licensed individual or the like. Second, your husband unit if paid insurance. It can be enjoyed by the spouse, but only the expenses incurred by the child are covered. Monthly wage allowance for maternity. At present, it is not known whether this policy is equally enjoyed by the whole country. The insurance law has such provisions. It depends on whether or not it has been implemented.

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I think you should ask friends around the better! It is illegal for the unit not to pay this. There are regulations in the current labor law. And all five risks are combined. And the maternity insurance company does not use much money every month.

How to calculate the open birth insurance for the second child

In the first case, the child has a second child with a fertility certificate, because the first child is not compensated, the maternity leave is 98 days, and the maternity allowance (that is, the maternity leave wage) is calculated as the average monthly payment wage of the employee of the employer.

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In the second case, the one-child procedure has been performed before, and the one-child maternity insurance treatment has been received. In this case, when the two-child treatment is received, the male employee needs to return the 15-day nursing allowance; female workers in the two-child treatment at the same time, the deduction of the maternity allowance of 60 days of maternity leave, that is, only 38 days of maternity leave maternity allowance.

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Maternity insurance is one of the most important insurance for women, can not not buy, if you want to know more about maternity insurance knowledge can go to the official website of the letter to see, so that you choose insurance when no longer confused.

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