How to buy accident insurance for overseas travel?

With the development of globalization, people’s tourism has already developed from domestic to overseas. However, compared to domestic tourism, overseas tourism will also increase a lot of hidden dangers, such as not understanding of the region, language is not familiar with and so on. So how to buy suitable overseas travel insurance? Now, let’s follow Xiao Nuo to find out.

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What is overseas travel insurance?

Overseas travel insurance, also known as overseas travel accident insurance, is one of the specific accident insurance, life insurance is life insurance that is conditional on the payment of insurance benefits for the insured’s death or disability due to accidental injury during the exit period.

How to buy overseas travel insurance?
1. Understand the visa requirements

Different countries have different visa requirements for overseas tourists. Some of these countries have relevant regulations on the types of overseas travel insurance and the amount of protection for tourists, and even the insurance companies that are insured by the state for tourists are limited in scope, therefore, remember to check with the consulates about the relevant visa requirements before taking out the insurance.

2. Clear protection needs

From flight delays to SOS international rescue, there is a wide variety of overseas travel insurance products on the market. The more the protection function, the more expensive the corresponding cost, taking into account the cost-effective, passengers can be targeted before the choice of insurance, the general preference for accident insurance, medical insurance and SOS International rescue services are three important types of protection projects, and then select other required insurance programs.

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3, choose the appropriate amount of protection

When choosing the amount of overseas travel insurance protection, you can generally refer to the number of days of the planned travel and the consumption level of the tourist area. In the case of high consumption level of tourist destinations, the selected guarantee amount is recommended to be more than 200,000 yuan; If you go to a country with a medium level of consumption, such as Southeast Asian countries, the guarantee amount is about 100,000 yuan.

4, select a strong body

When purchasing overseas travel insurance, the insured should pay attention to the scale and strength of the rescue agencies in the project, so that when the potential risk accident occurs, the insurance company can smoothly provide medical transportation and other professional level rescue services, help the insured to obtain relief and protection as soon as possible.

5, pay attention to the exemption clause

Insurance companies usually do not assume insurance liability in the insurance contract, such cases are exceptions, such as chronic diseases, past medical history, extreme sports protection, etc, some high-risk countries or regions will also appear in the exemption clause of the insurance contract. Therefore, before the insurance, should be carefully read and Counseling to check the exemption, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes after the occurrence of accidents.

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A reasonable overseas travel insurance can not only provide protection for our personal safety, but also reduce the potential economic losses. How to buy overseas travel insurance, first of all, to develop a pre-travel plan as a reference, followed by the travel destination visa requirements, the strength of the relief agency and exemption clauses will affect our choice of overseas travel insurance.

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