How to buy car insurance online, should pay attention to what problems

When it comes to car insurance, many people are more familiar with, after all, now there is a car family is very common. But sometimes after the expiration of the car insurance, consumers forget to renew or have no time to renew the insurance. In the event of an accident, the loss of the owner of the car is very large, the insurance cable and online two forms of purchase, consumers are free to choose. So, how to buy car insurance online? What should we pay attention?

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1, The insurance channel should be careful

The security of online transactions is the most concerned topic for many car owners who are interested in online car insurance. There are many channels for online insurance. Many third-party institutions on the Internet can provide car insurance online price comparison, but a large number of third-party e-commerce platform will inevitably have uneven situation, so that the applicant suffers losses in white.

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2, The specific understanding of the insurance terms

Insurance products are highly specialized products, and many car owners who do not have relevant professional knowledge do not have the patient to read the complicated and lengthy insurance clauses, until the time of the insurance claims, it was found that because the content of the insurance clauses was not seen, the amount of unnecessary losses was borne.

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3. More than Counseling problems encountered

Information content is rich and intuitive car insurance online insurance platform for a major advantage, but as an ordinary owner, the face of more professional information may not be able to interpret its accurate meaning, at this time, it is necessary for the owner to contact the professionals of the insurance company in a timely manner, and to explain the confusion. Now a lot of insurance companies have a dedicated customer service telephone can provide Counseling services.

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4, Do not over-insured or underinsured

If your car is worth 100,000 yuan, but insured for 150,000 yuan of insurance, that more money can be paid; And some car value of 200,000 yuan, but insured for 100,000 yuan; neither of these two types of insurance can be effectively protected.

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5, Do not repeat the insurance

Many of the owners of friends in order to fully protect their own cars, will want to cover a number of insurance, but we need to pay attention to the repeated insurance is invalid, because in accordance with the Insurance Law, Article 40: if the sum of the sum of the amounts covered by duplicate insurance exceeds the insured value, the sum of the damages of each insurer shall not exceed the insured value. Therefore, even if the insured person is repeatedly insured, the excess value will not be paid.

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