After buying a new car, how to buy insurance?

To buy a new car is not a small number of people, for novice owners, to buy a new car is the most headache insurance, all kinds of insurance, to see which are used! However, there are actually a few.

Strong insurance is the compulsory purchase of the state, do not buy strong, do not let the road, so the new car to buy insurance, pay strong first; Strong insurance is the most basic car insurance, the purpose is to protect pedestrians, regardless of whether the insured is responsible for the accident, the insurance company will pay according to the insurance regulations, which is actually a kind of compulsory protection, in order to maintain the personal safety and property safety of pedestrians and non-motor vehicles. If motor and non-motor vehicles rub, the insurance will be adjusted according to the liability limit to ensure that the victim can get compensation. However, the amount of claims for compulsory insurance is very small, so it is necessary to buy a third party liability insurance as a supplement.

Vehicle damage insurance

Vehicle damage insurance, is when the vehicle after certain damage, the insurance company within the scope of reasonable compensation to us. This type of insurance is very suitable for the owner who has just got the license, because they are not familiar with the car when they are just driving, and they are relatively unfamiliar on the road, and they do not have certain driving skills, therefore, car damage insurance can not be avoided.

Three-person insurance

Third party liability insurance, this is strongly recommended to buy, the amount of insurance is best to reach one million, or half a million; Three, said the third party victims, such as you drive a injured person, people have to pay compensation, this requires a third party liability insurance to pay. To put it straight, the target of the three-way insurance payment is the person who is “injured” by you, as for how much can be paid, depending on how big is your insurance, how deep is the “injury”; Of course, the coverage of the three-person insurance is determined according to the individual’s own economic situation.

In addition, there are two additional risks are also more practical:

Free of claims:

The full name is a special clause excluding the deductible rate, which is a kind of additional insurance. In the compensation of many accidents, the insurance company can have a deductible rate of 5-20%, if you buy a non-deductible, you don’t have to pay your own money, otherwise you have to pay your own.

Striding risk:

This type of insurance is the additional risk of car damage insurance, which refers to the car in the process of use, the paint by others, you can not find the other party, if the stroke insurance, you don’t have to spend money when repairing a car.

Many people have a little resistance to car insurance and feel that the money spent is not very useful, although it is not useful, but this is also a good thing, it is proved that you drive on the road and do not encounter any bad things, insurance is what may happen in the future, so it is always good to take precautions.

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