How much is the car insurance? How to buy?

Want to know more about car insurance in general knowledge, please see the following introduction.

Car owners to buy car insurance, the most concerned about a factor should be the cost, the car insurance price is how much? Follow the small make up with a look at it!

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This is mainly related to the type of insurance you choose, the number of risks and the insurance company. The first year of the general family car insurance is 950 yuan, and the renewal should be based on the previous year to determine the premium.

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The quotation of motor vehicle insurance depends on the choice of type of motor vehicle insurance. In general, no matter in which region, auto insurance includes compulsory insurance and commercial insurance, which means that auto insurance mainly includes compulsory insurance and commercial insurance, the first annual meeting will implement the national unified standard for charging, but in the second year, the insurance company will make the corresponding rate floating according to the traffic accident and traffic safety violations of the car in the previous year. For family self-use vehicles, the annual premium for less than 6 years will cost 950 yuan, and for those with more than 6 seats, 1100 yuan will be needed. The commercial insurance mainly includes four independent types of insurance, namely, commercial third party liability insurance, vehicle loss insurance, vehicle theft and emergency rescue, and vehicle personnel liability insurance, as well as several additional risks. The premium of each type of insurance is different, choose more types of insurance, the premium is more expensive, the choice of the type of insurance is less, the premium is cheaper.

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As for the renewal of insurance, in addition to the type of insurance selected, the number of risks also affects the bidding situation, in which the vehicle premium is not covered by insurance within one year by 8.5, and the risk is not covered within two years, if there is no risk for three consecutive years, the minimum discount of commercial insurance can reach 0.4335. On the contrary, the higher the number of risks, the higher the rate: during the annual insurance period, the premium for one vehicle risk is not discounted, the premium for the second risk is raised by 25%, and the premium for the third risk is raised by 50%, the premium increased by 75% 4 times and doubled 5 times.

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Auto insurance quotation also depends on the insurance company, in general, the rate of the insurance company is different, and the combination of insurance is not the same, so the auto insurance quotation is also different. In addition, the auto insurance quotation also depends on the model of the car, in general, the level of luxury will affect such insurance costs as vehicle damage and vehicle theft.

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Tip: auto insurance quotation is not fixed, depending on your choice of auto insurance and whether the risk, the more types of insurance, the higher the price, the more the number of risks, the higher the premium; it also depends on the insurance company you choose. Different insurance companies have different rates, and your car insurance quotation is also different.

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