How to buy insurance for motorcycles? What are the insurance coverage?

With the gradual development of traffic, we can find that the number of motorcycles on the street is also a lot, but the motorcycle travel also has a certain risk, is there any insurance can protect the motorcycle? Motorcycle and car belong to the scope of motor vehicles, in fact, you can refer to the car insurance to understand, today small make up for everyone to share some knowledge of motorcycle insurance, hope to help you.

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Like cars, motorcycles also have compulsory insurance, that is, motorcycle insurance, motor vehicles must be covered by the strong insurance, otherwise they are not allowed to go on the road. However, due to the low amount of compulsory insurance, the protection is relatively single, many car owners will additionally choose to purchase motorcycle and tractor insurance to supplement. Motorcycle, tractor insurance is a commercial insurance, the owner is free to choose insurance, this product mainly provides two aspects of Protection, on the one hand to provide the car body damage, on the other hand, it is to provide protection for the property loss and personal injury of the third party. Motorcycle, tractor insurance details are as follows.

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What is the motor vehicle loss insurance? During the driving process of the vehicle, the loss of the motor vehicle is caused by the following reasons:

1. Collision, overturning and falling;

2. Fire and explosion;

3. Fall and collapse of external objects;

4. Storm wind and tornadoes;

5. Lightning strike, lightning disaster, rainstorm, flood and tsunami;

6. Land subsidence, ice subsidence, landslide, avalanche, debris flow and landslide;

7. Ferries carrying insured motor vehicles suffer from natural disasters (limited to the case where the driver is on board the ship).

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What is the third party liability insurance? The insurance company shall bear the necessary and reasonable salvage expenses paid for the prevention or reduction of the loss of the motor vehicle, and the maximum amount shall not exceed the insurance amount. Where an accident occurs during the driving process of a vehicle, resulting in personal injury or direct loss of property to a third party, the third party shall be liable for compensation for the part exceeding the limit of compensation of the compulsory insurance for motor vehicle traffic accident liability.

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