How to buy overseas travel insurance?

When traveling abroad, tourists may encounter some dangers, especially the frequent occurrence of global terrorist attacks. In order to better safeguard the rights and interests of individuals, we need to know some skills in purchasing overseas travel insurance, know how to buy overseas visitors insurance.

overseas travel insurance

Understand the visa requirements of the country to which you are traveling for foreign tourists

Different countries have different requirements for overseas tourists, some countries have clear requirements for insurance liability, and some countries have requirements for the amount of protection, some countries also have clear requirements for insurance companies.

If the destination of the trip is France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries under the agreement, medical insurance must be included in the purchase of travel insurance, and the amount of the insurance must not be less than 30,000 euros.

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According to the actual needs, the choice of more important insurance for insurance

1, there are many types of overseas travel insurance on the market. However, the main security functions and services are no more than three categories of accident insurance, medical insurance and SOS International rescue services. We don’t have to cover every type of insurance, the more protection functions, the more expensive the premium. Therefore, according to the actual needs, the choice of more important types of insurance can be.

2, due to the different insurance companies to cooperate with the global relief agencies are different, and the distribution of these institutions in the world are also different, the insured may need to choose a more suitable rescue agency according to the destination.

3. After the insurance of overseas health insurance, the insured shall record the global emergency rescue telephone with him in case of emergency. It is best to confirm whether there is a Chinese service before the insurance, and avoid the deviation of understanding in language communication.

4, but also to consider the risk of relatively large places to pay attention to the tourism destination is within the scope of insurance; If you want to plan to participate in high-risk sports are also within the scope of insurance; at the same time, it is also necessary to determine whether the insurance period is longer than the number of days of travel, in order to prevent the failure of the insurance period when abroad.

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The amount of insurance reference travel days and local medical expenses level

The amount of outbound travel insurance should refer to the consumption level of the travel area and the equality of medical expenses and water. For countries without mandatory requirements, if the level of local medical expenses is high, the amount of overseas travel medical insurance is recommended to be more than 200,000 yuan; And to Southeast Asia or South Korea and other Asian countries, due to the relatively short travel, the amount of travel medical insurance is about 100,000 yuan.

See the insurance terms, clear claims

The purchase of any insurance, terms and related claims is a major concern. Some overseas medical insurance plans will implement medical advances. If they are not available, we should keep good medical documents and pay attention to various expenses to avoid unnecessary medical expenses, otherwise, the insurance company is not covered. In addition, as with the purchase of all other insurance, the insured should also pay moderate attention to the insurance terms of the overseas travel insurance and the relevant insurance claims.

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Finally, at the time of insurance, travel insurance in the relevant exemption matters must also be carefully seen, but also pay attention to the actual situation of the destination country, see the project. It is necessary to fully understand the specific content of the emergency rescue service and the service level of the overseas rescue company that provides the service. This is important!

How to buy medical insurance for overseas travel? In this paper, we explain the overseas travel insurance purchase skills. It is a very beautiful thing to travel abroad, enjoy different cultural scenery and broaden our horizons. Give yourself a travel insurance, add a guarantee for a good trip, so that you and your family are more at ease.

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