How to buy private insurance? Note details

Yesterday, we had a dinner with customers, and we talked about an interesting thing.

They said, my side of the insurance customers, few cases out of danger.

And the same amount of other home, claims cases brush out, have written a lot of claims cases.

I feel a little thin, this violates the law of large numbers, so I asked again, is this true?

They said yes, and a little regret for me, if there are more cases, you can write more real claims service story, this we do very well.

I burst out laughing and say I don’t need it.

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What does this mean? It shows that my readers are alive.

Then I raised the Cup to dry a glass of red wine, the heart actually drink the taste of white wine, burning.

Ah, leather…

Then talk about things that may not be related to everyone, yes, related to claims.

Insurance companies in the first half of the claims report.

Although the probability of having nothing to do with you, there is no need to understand, and it has not been used.

However, I have written, you will take a look at it.

Can be used as a reference to buy insurance ideas.

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Don’t talk, I pick a few key points of the general said:

Most of the small and medium-sized insurance companies, insurance odds at about 99%, the average number of days in about 2 days.

Several large insurance companies have not been released for the time being, but according to previous data, the odds should be around 97%.

People often think that small and medium-sized insurance companies are difficult to claim, but in fact, most small and medium-sized insurance companies are more inclined to love feathers, and generally do not want to play a ghost in claims.

After all, the lack of brand strength, customers also lack of trust, once the impact of a wide range of claims disputes, it may become a large exhortation of the scene.

This is not the same as the big company, the big company out of the social news of the dispute, but also back, after all, more debt is not pressure, sometimes more dirty water, it is equal to no dirty water.

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Old PR routine: listen to my explanation, this is a friend business.

The highest serious disease Incidence Rate, is still acute myocardial infarction, stroke sequelae, of which Incidence Rate accounted for Incidence Rate of all serious illness about 70%.

That is to say, if a person will get a serious disease in his life, it will be severe in nine cases.

Back to the selection of insurance, there are two recommendations:

1. Be sure to buy long-term serious disease insurance, and additional severe secondary compensation;

The age of the highest incidence of disease is usually after the age of 40, so it is necessary to take precautions and configure the life-long serious disease.

But at the same time, because everyone is working too hard, the severe disease is getting younger and younger.

20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old cases are also increasing.

Now I also can’t understand, adults in the end in which age disease is not high?

Maybe this is the full link coverage of the disease.

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However, the treatment of the disease is constantly upgrading, and the survival rate of many diseases is now very high.

So you don’t have to worry about the disease, you are worried about it is not useful, ready for money.

The disease does not kill, the homicide is medical expenses.

And in the hospital pharmacy to buy, you need all at their own expense.

A bottle of medicine is 5000 or 6000, and the money is the same as the water.

Now we all know to allocate millions of medical insurance, but in the market there are individual millions of medical treatment is not serious outsourcing responsibility, this point should pay attention.

In addition, in addition to early to buy good insurance, but also regular physical examination.

But to do routine medical examination is not meaningful, more important is to do a good job in the screening of severe.

Specific how to check, I have said in this article.

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3. The age of onset of severe diseases is younger. In the claims cases, 50% of the average onset is in the 40-60 year old stage, and the average onset is 30% in the 19-40 year old stage.

Isn’t the higher the age, the higher the risk? Why is it common in middle age?

Because the older generation, conscious, conditional to buy insurance is very few.

Naturally, there is no claim data.

In fact, it must be the higher the age, the higher the Incidence Rate of severe illness.

But from the claims data, there are about 70-80% of the serious illness claims will occur at the age of 18-60, this age group is the most need to bear economic responsibility, play their own waste heat.

Or straight point, called the stage of want to die and do not want to die.

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Back to the purchase of insurance, the need to strengthen the serious illness before the age of 60.

Here it is recommended to choose a serious disease insurance with “additional payment before 60 years old” liability, such as Darwin’s new edition, buy 400,000 of the insurance amount, if the occurrence of severe illness, before the age of 60 can pay 180% of the insurance amount, that is 720,000.

4. The average amount of the insurance is 100,000 yuan, which is far from enough.

Although we usually talk about what, buy serious disease insurance to cover 500,000.

However, online often due to a series of reasons, such as bundling, single product price is not reasonable, many of the friends who could have bought 500,000 of the insurance amount, in the end only bought a 200,000 of the insurance amount.

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You can buy 300,000 of the insurance, may only buy 100,000 of the insurance.

This is not the amount of money I have lost recently, what’s the use of your opinion.

In the event of an incident, there is a high probability that it is only enough to pay medical expenses, but not enough to balance the economic losses caused by the disease.

For example, if you really have a disease, the workplace discrimination is even more serious than if you are pregnant.

When you think about it, it seems that the disease is not so bad, and the most difficult thing is the working women.

The proportion of male death claims, about 20% higher than women, of which 70% of the causes of death is disease.

From the insurance claims data, the male population has always had three characteristics:

The incidence of severe disease was higher than that of female;

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The accident rate was higher than that of female;

The incidence of death is higher than that of women.

In short, it is more prone to serious illness, accidents, and early death.

What is the main reason? Risk awareness is worse in men.

More likely to die, less care of their own body, and will not buy insurance.

In fact, men are more gamblers and less sensitive to risk.

This may also be related to genes, men in ancient times need to participate in hunting, need to take appropriate risks every day.

If you are too sensitive to risk, you may have starved to death.

If the risk is not sensitive enough, may have been eaten.

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So in the family risk management this, is generally dominated by the wife, very interesting.

You will find that this is similar to the relationship between insurance and investment.

The wife determines the lower limit of a family and usually plays the role of insurance.

The husband determines the upper limit of a family and usually plays a role of risk-taking.

Come to think of it, there is also a snack acid, although I sell insurance, but I have no insurance at home.

Good, want to have a wife day…

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