How to buy road trip insurance? look here

Now many people choose to travel by road trip, but because the degree of familiarity with road conditions is much lower than that of daily driving, the probability of an accident is much higher than usual, therefore, it is very important to guarantee a road trip travel insurance before departure. How to purchase road trip travel insurance?

road trip insurance

The risk period is not used. Long-term insurance is not repeated.

It is understood that the personal insurance of road trip travel is mainly accidental death, disability insurance and accidental medical insurance. Before choosing insurance, you must first check the insurance you have previously purchased. Some commercial insurance items are more, and may already include travel and travel related insurance. If you have already purchased insurance for the relevant items, you do not need to repeat the purchase.

road trip travel is generally a short-term travel, so you can buy the corresponding short-term travel insurance products. City insurance experts said that the insurance period is best equal to or greater than the travel period. Under normal circumstances, the insurance period is from the beginning of the Day Zero, as long as to ensure that the entire holiday are guaranteed, the extra time is not too long.

road trip insurance

Increase the coverage of scar insurance

The biggest characteristic of road trip travel is to travel with the car shuttle, so it is necessary to provide relevant insurance to protect the car. The industry said that the owner of the vehicle in the daily use of the vehicle is generally equipped with insurance, road trip travel is also within the scope of vehicle insurance. But taking into account the road trip tour generally does not have a fixed parking lot, more vehicles in the field or on the side of the road, prone to damage, it is best to increase a body Mark risk.

When buying travel car insurance, the most important thing is to pay attention to whether or not to protect the safety of people and goods on the car. Some car insurance has included the people (including drivers and passengers) in the scope of protection, but this is part of the car insurance, that is, compensation can only be obtained when an accident occurs in a car. The road trip tour is not the entire trip is spent in the car, so additional personal insurance should also be provided.

road trip insurance

According to the travel risk

In terms of insurance amount, it should be determined according to the activities that will be involved in the road trip tour. If it is only a low risk activity such as walking, flower appreciation, pickle, etc., the amount of insurance can be controlled at a low level; And if there is rock climbing, exploration, diving and other high-risk activities, you need to focus on increasing the amount of insurance. It is worth noting that many insurance companies do not cover high-risk items such as rock climbing, exploration and diving. Citizens should carefully check the scope of insurance before purchasing, do not assume that all accidents will be covered by accident insurance. In addition, some travel insurance projects are more comprehensive, will include a variety of insurance, some projects do not need to be insured. Such as a lot of travel insurance will include the ship, aircraft and other projects, road trip tour is not necessary with these.

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