How to buy the three-liability insurance is more appropriate?

Now with the increase of car owners, car insurance has become one of the hot topics. In case of traffic accidents and other accidents, car insurance will play a very important role, in addition to the necessary traffic compulsory insurance, many car owners also attach great importance to the third party liability insurance. However, there are also some owners of the third party liability insurance do not know much, the corresponding to buy how much there is no specific concept. Today we will talk about the third party liability insurance.

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What is third party insurance? Third party insurance is a kind of commercial insurance in automobile insurance. It is all called commercial third party liability insurance, which refers to the accident of a qualified driver who is allowed by the insured in the process of using the insured vehicle, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the insurance contract, the amount of compensation that should be paid according to law, resulting in personal injury to the third person or direct loss of property. In simple terms, after A purchased the three risks, and B had an accident, this part of the compensation costs, such as the third party vehicle repair costs, medical expenses, other property losses, etc. shall be borne by the insurance company.

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Why do you want to buy three risk? Is there a need to buy a three-way insurance to buy a strong insurance? The guarantee of the three-person insurance is to compensate for the part exceeding the compensation limit of each sub-item of the compulsory insurance after the occurrence of a traffic accident.. The amount of compensation for casualties in traffic accidents is huge. If we do not buy the three-way insurance, the part that exceeds the payment limit of the compulsory insurance will need to be out of pocket, so the three-way insurance is beyond the scope of loss. For example, once the car owner hit a luxury car, the final damage, the need to pay 500,000 yuan, there is a compensation limit of the strong insurance is certainly not enough, this time you need three insurance to play a role.

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How to buy more appropriate? The more risks we can’t afford, the more we need insurance. Third Party insurance in the purchase of a variety of options, we can choose according to their own needs. First of all, we can according to their ability to control and the degree of familiarity with the road to decide; Second, we can according to the local actual standard of living to judge. If we live in a prosperous area with a high level of consumption, we need to bear high compensation in the event of an accident, then we need to consider the three-way insurance.

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