How to calculate the rate of vehicle damage insurance

In the current car insurance market, the car damage insurance is one of the most important types of insurance. Vehicle damage insurance is responsible for compensation due to natural disasters and accidents caused by the loss of the vehicle itself. From the general collision accident to the destruction of the car, it is necessary to reduce the loss. For the novice to buy a new car, the owner’s driving skills or driving habits can not provide a higher security for vehicle safety, it is best to buy this type of insurance. For the calculation of the rate of the car damage insurance is also the majority of the car owners want to understand.

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In the auto insurance, the auto damage insurance is to find the fixed premium and the rate according to the use purpose of the insured vehicle, the type of vehicle, the service life of the vehicle and other factors. The calculation formula is the benchmark premium = fixed premium + insurance amount rate. It is worth noting that, due to the situation is not the same, so the motor vehicle insurance rate table in the fixed premium and vehicle damage insurance rates will vary according to the region. Each insurance company can calculate the specific amount of the benchmark premium according to the schedule of the rate of the vehicle damage insurance, and then determine the margin of preference according to the decision of the company. The interested owners can also calculate the corresponding premium expenses accordingly, then on this basis, the price of each insurance company is compared horizontally, and the insurance company that you think is most satisfied is selected.

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It should be noted that, like many types of insurance, car damage insurance also has its own deductible rate. Under normal circumstances, the insurance company will be based on the size of the owner responsible for the accident, the deduction of 5% to 15% of the accident liability deductible. Therefore, in the insurance of car damage insurance at the same time, as far as possible to attach the car damage insurance is not free from compensation insurance. As long as the owner of the insurance is not subject to compensation, the part of the liability that should be responsible for the compensation can be transferred to the insurance company, which can help the owner to obtain a comprehensive protection, and the rate is relatively cheap, so once launched, it is very popular with car owners.

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Although the vehicle damage insurance can be transferred to the insurance company in the amount of the free compensation of the owner’s accident liability, the corresponding specific provisions are also included in the non-compensation insurance, the owner should be aware of the exclusion of non-reimbursement insurance liability, to avoid claims disputes.

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In the specific calculation of the rate of vehicle damage insurance, due to the involvement of many professional knowledge, as well as the relevant laws and regulations of the country. Therefore, even if many car owners know the formula, it is difficult to calculate the accuracy. However, many insurance companies now phone car insurance and online car insurance have launched a quotation service, the owner as long as the call phone car insurance or login online car insurance, there are professional customer service personnel to help you calculate.

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