What are the types of vehicle insurance? How to Choose Auto Insurance

In modern life, the car plays a great role, the use of the car greatly facilitates our daily travel. Many car owners will choose to buy their own car insurance at this time, but they do not know the type of car insurance. If you have any questions about this, you can take a good look at the relevant information compiled for you today. What are the types of vehicle insurance? There are mainly the following types:

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First, it is a strong insurance.

Compulsory insurance is a kind of compulsory insurance, which is stipulated by the state, and its price is also uniform by the state.

The second is the basic risk.

1, vehicle loss insurance (vehicle in natural disasters or accidents caused by the loss of the vehicle itself, the insurer in accordance with the insurance contract compensation),;

2. Third party liability insurance (if a traffic accident occurs when a qualified driver drives, resulting in property loss or death of a third party, the insured shall bear the economic compensation liability according to law, and the insurer shall be responsible for compensation);

3. Theft and rescue (in the case of theft, robbery or robbery of the insured vehicle, a reasonable fee is obtained through the insurance company);

4, the vehicle personnel liability insurance (is for the occurrence of accidents when the vehicle casualties a compensation).

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Third, additional risks.

1, theft and rescue (a kind of insurance that the vehicle is damaged or the parts are lost when it is stolen);

2, stroke risk (a kind of insurance for vehicle scratches caused by friction of other vehicles or other articles during driving);

3, spontaneous combustion insurance (vehicle due to long time causes of vehicle lines, parts caused by aging spontaneous combustion);

4, wading driving risk (due to the water of the road or the water caused by the damage of the engine compensation) and so on.

In the face of all kinds of car insurance products, many car owners have raised such a question: what kind of insurance should we buy? First of all, we must buy compulsory traffic insurance, and then we can choose commercial car insurance according to our actual situation. For example, if we are in a rainy city, we can choose water-related risks; If we are in a city with unstable security, we can choose to steal and rescue.

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