Which car insurance company is good, how to choose car insurance?

Everyone has different views on car insurance, and some self-reported driving skills, often only compulsory insurance. Some people are novice, in the car salesman to buy all insurance. So how should the choice of car insurance? This makes a lot of people hurt the brain, today for everyone to share the knowledge of the choice of car insurance, I hope to help you.

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When you buy car insurance, you must first make it clear that the strong insurance is mandatory, otherwise you will not be able to get on the road. How to choose the commercial insurance? The most important thing is to choose a reliable insurance company.

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If you choose a small-scale insurance company, the advantage is cheap, which I don’t need to say. However, the price and service are often paired, the price is cheap, its service is relatively worse, especially when the claims, very bad heart. So here, the editor suggests that if you have a certain relationship with the local claims, then the small insurance company can also choose. Otherwise, try to avoid.

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Large-scale insurance companies, we are familiar with many, such as, Haven Life, MassMutual, Banner Life, Protective, Prudential, AIG, Principal, Northwestern Mutual, MetLife, tranerrica, many large-scale insurance companies also have subtle differences in details and price, we can determine which company has more advantages in the local area by determining the loss of the network Counseling, that is to say, the more the repair points, the better the service is.

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So how should we choose a car insurance company? The suggestion of the small editor is to look at the service first, and then look at the price, because when we repair the car claims, the time cost often exceeds the premium we paid at the beginning, this is not cost-effective. In many auto insurance companies, the overall strength is similar, but in the handling of the time the salesman often shows the advantages of their own services, we should pay attention to the choice of a suitable for their own is the best.

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