How to choose vehicle insurance? car insurance knowledge

Many car owners may encounter some problems when purchasing commercial car insurance. For example, “it is said that a new car or novice is going to buy full insurance, and the old owner only needs to buy a third party liability insurance”. Third party liability insurance is really very important, but choose 500,000 or 1 million? This is also a very important issue. A wide variety of car insurance, as the owner of how do we choose? After reading the following, the purchase of car insurance is no longer entangled.

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1, it is recommended to consider the first car damage insurance

What is the protection of car damage insurance? It is mainly to protect the loss caused by the accident of their own cars. For example, in a car accident, when you are responsible for it, when you drive your car and scratch it when the car is damaged and no third party is found, these accidents usually occur, if there is no car damage insurance, you have to pay for your own car repair! So don’t hesitate to buy a car damage insurance, you can pay less.

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2. Choose the highest possible amount of three-person insurance

It is recommended to start from 1 million to 1.5 million, because the three risks mainly compensate for the third party’s vehicle repair costs, the third party’s property loss, the third party’s personal injury and medical expenses. If you are in a region with better economic conditions, the more expensive cars there are, the higher the cost of repairing the car, and the compensation for personal death is determined according to the disposable income of the local people, the higher the economic level, the higher the per capita disposable income, the higher the amount of compensation for death.

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3, want to protect more complete and more peace of mind

Additional insurance is also very useful, outside the medical insurance liability insurance-three insurance and vehicle personnel liability insurance is a good supplement. The standards for payment of personal injury in the three-person insurance and vehicle personnel liability insurance are in accordance with the guidelines for clinical diagnosis and treatment of road traffic accident injured persons and the similar medical cost standards of the national basic medical insurance, that is, according to the standard of medical insurance payment. Insurance outside the medical insurance liability insurance, medical expenses outside the scope of medical insurance can also pay, a wider range of protection, will reduce the handling of traffic accidents disputes, reduce the pressure of the owner’s payment.

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4, the choice of service ability of insurance companies

In the event of an accident, it is most necessary for the insurance company to provide timely help, not waiting on the side of the road, so it is extremely important to choose a reliable insurance company. As a leader in the insurance industry, the Pacific Insurance Company has fast survey, more institutional outlets, and fast claims. All aspects of strength are relatively strong, and you can choose with confidence.

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