How to claim auto insurance? auto insurance claims knowledge

Many people choose to buy a car, often worry about some accidents, causing some losses, they will want to use a variety of appropriate ways to improve the safety of the car on the road. Therefore, more and more car owners will buy car insurance in the first time after buying a car, but many people will encounter difficulties when they get claims, and they are very passive in claims, therefore, it is necessary to understand the auto insurance claims process.

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Today, we will take the automobile insurance as an example to introduce the settlement process of the automobile insurance. First of all, in the event of an accident, the first time to deal with the alarm, and do their own ability to maintain a good accident scene, to ensure that all kinds of evidence will not be destroyed, at the same time to tell the insurance company in a timely manner, let the insurance company arrange professional personnel to carry out the site survey activities. Now there are a lot of insurance companies, and their insurance companies have covered the whole country, so as long as we have a phone call, the insurance company will send the nearest professional claims personnel to conduct the survey of the relevant site.

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A very important link in the insurance claims process is the judgment of the professional claims personnel of the insurance company for the investigation of the scene accident.

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We can consult with the settlement personnel, as far as possible to ensure their best interests. Through the investigation and confirmation of the settlement personnel, the specific settlement fee can be determined according to the relevant regulations of the company in the later stage of the reinforcement insurance settlement process. At the same time, the claims personnel will be responsible for the follow-up maintenance of the accident vehicle, which is generally to the maintenance factory designated by the insurance company, so that the claims are more convenient.

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After the accident, due to the part of the owner of the insurance claims process is not clear, but also the lack of protection awareness of the scene of the accident. In this case, it is easy to get into a dispute with the insurance company, and therefore it is not possible to obtain the maximum amount claimed. Therefore, in the free time, we should try our best to better understand the various auto insurance claims process. Only in this way can we obtain the maximum benefit for ourselves in the event of an accident.

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