How much is the car glass insurance for one year? Is it necessary to buy car glass insurance?

I believe the auto insurance and I know the ins and outs of the owner can attest, automotive glass risk is not a separate class, and it belongs to the vehicle insurance of one additional risks, but there are also some of the owners of the automobile glass risks don’t know. Then, auto glass risk how much money a year? Below we take a look at a simple auto glass risks of relevant information.

how to claim insurance for car windscreen

Automotive Glass risk it? The so-called glass individual risk of breakage, is a vehicle in a parking or during use, other parts is not damaged, only windshield glass and the window glass alone broken, the insurance company shall be responsible for compensation. As the car insurance of an additional risks, glass risks can be considered as one of the car “face” is the best guarantee of after, but most guys think it dispensable. In fact glass risk is very important of insurance. As to whether the car glass insurance must be purchased, we need to consider their own car environment. The common glass alone damaged there are several general situation run high speed stone collapse, or being malicious smashed up, high-altitude falling injured and so on. If you often run at high speeds, or if the parking environment is not reassuring, you can consider buying.

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Some other luxury brand models even if the use of domestic glass, the price is not cheap. Although some minor injuries can be repaired, no replacement of the whole glass, but in case of unfortunately need to be replaced, the cost will be higher than the cost of insurance.

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It is understood that the automotive glass risk is divided into two kinds: import new car to purchase value × 0.31% of domestic new car to purchase value × 0.19%. This is because the two vehicle glass material used is different, so the price on the difference. As for automotive glass risk of selection must be drawn from the model of the car to a. Domestically produced and imported cars of the price is not the same, often imported glass risks are relatively expensive, and domestic car glass risks relatively inexpensive. Secondly, we still depends on the owner’s own demand, for the pursuit of cost-effective of the owners of the insured can choose domestic types of glass are needed.

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Reminder: sunroof, lamp glass, mirror glass not covered by while referred to as glass risk, but it’s not the whole car glass in insurance claims Range. Some insurance companies have clearly indicated in the exemption clause, the lamp glass and the mirror glass are broken, and the insurer will not compensate. The roof also have relevant provisions like the Pacific insurance defined skylights were also not Claims range. Therefore, when we buy insurance, we must see the contents of the exemption clause clearly, so as not to appear after the risk of controversy.

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