How to Renew auto insurance?

To learn more about how to renew your car insurance, please see the following introduction.

More than the vehicle renewal time did not renew the owner of the car is not a small number of each year, there are also many car owners to choose the wrong renewal plan, because the renewal of some things do not pay attention to, to the owner caused a lot of losses. So, what are the precautions for the renewal of auto insurance? Next, by small make up for everyone to bring the relevant knowledge of auto insurance renewal notes.

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No renewal.

The car mainly pay attention to the date of the expiration of the annual car insurance, otherwise the vehicle will be out of danger when the insurance expires, and the vehicle will not be protected. In addition, after the owner gets the insurance policy, be sure to pay special attention to the date of insurance, and renew the insurance in time, so as not to cause hidden dangers to the claims. The owner should not renew the insurance because of the busy business or the survival of the patient. In the event of a vehicle accident during this period, the subject will bear all the losses. The amount of claims is related to the margin of preference.

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Selection of appropriate renewal plan

Option 1: If the car has entered the retirement age, near the end of life, it is not cost-effective to cover too many types of insurance, but this does not mean that you will not be insured, it is necessary to renew the insurance like compulsory insurance and third party liability insurance to avoid accidents.

Option 2: If you think that you are a driving technique is very good, usually also pay attention to the maintenance and safety of the vehicle, can keep the insurance period does not occur a good car owner, and the value of the vehicle is not high, the economy is not rich, you can choose to renew the relatively basic type of insurance. For example: compulsory insurance + vehicle damage insurance + third party liability insurance + non-compensatory insurance, etc. Of course, with less money, security is also quite limited.

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Scheme 3: If your driving skills are not very good, small accidents often occur during the driving process, and according to the specific condition of the car, and the security situation of the parking lot or residential area, on the basis of the basic types of insurance, additional insurance can be increased or decreased. When investing in insurance, we should try our best to compare the insurance projects and premiums of various companies.

The best premium to buy in full

At present, when the owner of the renewal, the insurance company will generally provide two kinds of renewal insurance, one is to renew the insurance according to the purchase price of the new car, the other is to remove the depreciation cost of the car, according to the actual value of the car is now renewed.

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If the owner of the car to the actual value of the amount of insurance to renew the car insurance, in fact, is equivalent to the owner of the approval of all car parts of the amount of insurance to their depreciation price as the standard of claims. When the car is damaged, the insurance company can only be based on the actual value and the new car price ratio, to give the corresponding proportion of compensation, the insufficient part of the owner to bear. In order to protect their own claims to maximize the benefits, it is recommended that everyone in the renewal of insurance should be a new car purchase price for the insurance to buy car insurance. It is worthwhile to pay more premium in exchange for the full amount of car damage claims.

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Tip: auto insurance renewal, should pay attention to three points. First, the renewal can not be dragged, otherwise the vehicle will not be able to claim the insurance company when the insurance expires; Second, select the appropriate renewal plan according to their actual situation; Third, the premium is best to buy in full.

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