The truth! Making money by insurance companies has little to do with denied claim

In most people’s impressions:

It’s easy to buy insurance, but it’s too hard to pay!

Just like “The road is hard”, it is difficult to go to the top.

But is that really true?

There is no doubt that, as a result of this impression, the Department of Protection does have a certain responsibility.

In everyone’s opinion, insurance companies rely on the loss of compensation to make money.

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Claims means that the insurance company has to pay, more rejection = less money, which in turn is equivalent to making.

However, this is not the case.

To make money by refusal of compensation, this operation is too low.

Will not only affect their own brand image.

In addition, it is difficult for the Insurance Regulatory Commission to look at it.

In fact, the profit of the insurance company mainly comes from: the investment income brought by the insurance fund.

To put it straight, we can use the premium we pay to invest, and use the money of the investment to make a profit.

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After all, we buy insurance Time, follow the insurance claims time has a certain time difference.

This year, the insurance may be 20 years, 30 years later.

This year to pay the money, if it is allowed to lie in the account, the result is a depreciation!

When the time comes, what is the compensation?

So insurance companies will take the money to invest, stocks, bonds, real estate, enterprises, all.

As long as to achieve a certain income, not only the normal loss, but also a small gain.

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One more thing:

Before the sale of each insurance record, there are professional actuaries to account for the cost of payment.

Each sell a single, follow-up claims how much money, the insurance company basically know, and can withstand.

There is no need to deliberately refuse compensation in order to save costs and to foul your reputation.

Therefore, it is concluded that there is no need for insurance companies to rely on non-compensation to make money.

In fact, the data also confirmed Solo said that the insurance company does not rely on the refusal to make money.

From the table, regardless of whether the company is famous or not, the odds are more than 97%, and some even as high as 99%.

In this case, why everyone’s impression, or feel that the protection of the company like to refuse compensation, insurance is a lie?

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Solo summarized 3 reasons:


This pot is still to be carried by themselves.

Insurance itself is complex, dozens of pages of contract terms, so that a professional person to see also take a lot of time.

In order to sell products, the company should naturally play a role in the education of the market and the provision of professional services.

But early in order to develop, the company employed a large number of marketing people, to attract customers.

This group like the door of the marketing people, and no system training, qualification review.

A lot of people do not understand the terms of the product, which is misleading.

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Last month, there was a hot search:

After nine years of education funding, it was found to be a lifelong life insurance.

Back to the communication salesman, with the reason for leaving, directly refused.

Only hope that at a later time, the nurse in the staff of this section strictly some.

Strictly control the marketing, less the whole of this kind of “lace” news, let everyone think of a junk man.

Media misdirected

For the news media, the “conflict of contradictions” is of value.

A person bought an accident insurance, the accident died, the family applied for compensation, the protection of the company without saying that the 1 million to the account.

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Media reports of this matter, how many people would like to see?

Should it be said that the Department of Protection of moral love, or the family is in trouble?

However, if the whole “spending 200,000 to buy insurance, the risk of hospitalization by the protection of the company to refuse compensation” is very interesting.

The emotions of the masses are always easy to drive.

To see such a news, it is bound to be angry, there is a kind of knife dry frame of Impulse.

Coupled with the “survivor bias” effect, the impression of “protection of the department like to refuse compensation, lie” is getting deeper and deeper.

Solo can’t ask people to talk less about this kind of thing, just think that we can be objective and calm down when things happen.

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3. Insurance is indeed a more professional thing

Insurance is not difficult to understand, but it is not simple.

A product requires layers of approval, a contract has dozens of pages, a claims need to prepare a variety of materials.

Before a colleague to buy medical insurance products, insurance claims have been tormented.

It is not difficult for an ordinary person.

Claims are difficult. This matter is objective.

But not to say that the insurance company deliberately does not compensate, but some of the professional things involved, some of the ordinary people are difficult to understand.

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The bank and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission are in charge, and the company also follows the rules.

So my advice to you:

Find a professional platform, professional consultants, look at the terms, more than a heart. Can provide 1V1 service, customized program.

Follow-up assistance claims, but also enjoy the intimate service.

More formal insurance companies can communicate from the early demand-program customization-Policy Management-risk assistance claims, to provide one-stop services.

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