What kind of insurance do doctors like most? Here is the answer!

Talk about your understanding of insurance

Doctors are the “nobles” in our lives “. Everyone has birth, aging, illness and death, who can leave the doctor? Life is only once, once lost, never come again.

Doctors have a deep understanding of both medicine and insurance, so insurance should be purchased early!

In the previous career as a doctor, I saw too many phenomena of poverty caused by illness. Many families borrowed money and sold their properties in order to cure the disease, but the money they raised might only be a drop in the bucket. As a doctor, I also deeply know that everyone is equal in the face of diseases, and anyone has the possibility of getting sick. Of course, I didn’t know what insurance was at that time.

After so many years in the insurance company, I realized more and more that both of them saved all living beings, but doctors used medical skills to cure diseases and save people, and the insurance company used money to save families into economic difficulties. Didn’t Dr. Barnard, the cardiac surgeon, the founder of the serious illness insurance, say that doctors can only save a person’s physiological life, and insurance can save a family’s economic life.

When is the best time to buy?

In my opinion, the sooner the better, for three reasons:


major diseases Incidence Rate are becoming younger and younger, and the average age for major diseases in the insurance industry is 42 years, not 60 or 70 as we think;


the sooner you buy it, the cheaper it is. The premium at the age of 40 may be 1.5 or even 2 times that of the age of 20, and the length of time to enjoy security is shorter;


the younger the better the body, the easier it is to pass the nuclear insurance, 30-year-old people may buy 700,000 of the serious disease insurance without medical examination, but 45-year-old people may be 300,000 to medical examination, if you want to buy a higher amount of insurance, check this and that, the trouble does not say, really not necessarily through it.

Who should buy it most?

First of all, it should be noted that insurance is to prevent non-financial risks that seriously affect the goal of the family, and even instantly collapse.

So, who had an accident and what would have caused such a devastating blow to the family?

Of course, it is the economic pillar of the family, that is, the people who make the most money in the family.

From this, the order in which insurance is correctly purchased is derived:

first, must be to give adults to buy insurance, as long as the family economic pillar health and safety, that the source of family survival will not be broken,

will have the ability to continue to make money for children to see a doctor.

Second, The protection function of insurance is the first, and this risk transfer function can only be realized through insurance. Financial savings and investment should be considered after you have purchased sufficient protection.

No one is poor because of insurance, but there are a lot of families because there is no full amount of serious illness insurance and poverty, while the time is still early, the body is still good, buy an insurance for yourself!

Once the disease, there are three kinds of money must be spent

Cost of Treatment

This money is certain, must be the first time can be taken out, once your card or hospital card has no money, the medicine can not be taken out, the surgery can not be done, even if it is life-threatening……

Cost of rehabilitation

A basic feature of a major disease is a serious illness, which will seriously affect the normal work and life of patients and their families for a long period of time, even after leaving the hospital, it also takes a long time to recover, so the rehabilitation fee is also essential.

Revenue loss

From illness to recovery, can not work, no income; And family members because of the need to accompany, is likely to be unable to work normally.

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