Why is insurance hard to sell

Selling insurance in this industry should be very profitable. There are some better performance of the insurance, the monthly salary is very high. However, today, the insurance industry is becoming more and more difficult to do.

Are people losing confidence in insurance?

Recently, the first half of the insurance industry operating results have been disclosed, a string of low data in silent announcement: the first half of 2021, the insurance industry is not good.

For the continued decline in performance, insurance companies to accelerate the pace of transformation. Under the background that the channel reform has not yet been effective, the diversified product strategy and health care service of listed insurance companies have become a new bright spot in the short term. In the second quarter, listed insurance companies generally increased the promotion of savings products to meet the needs of customer Wealth Management. On the other hand, the active layout of the health care industry, to meet the needs of customers gradually improve the health services and pension services.

Are people losing confidence in insurance?

Some securities analysts believe that, on the whole, although the epidemic has caused the demand for health insurance to a certain extent, non-car property insurance has also seen a good growth, however, life insurance and auto insurance are facing stage difficulties, so that insurance companies generally face a greater debt-side pressure. The rapid spread of inclusive insurance products has a certain substitution effect on the demand for middle-end medical insurance and severe disease insurance, the impact of the epidemic on the lag in insurance demand and the lack of significant marginal improvement in the structural problems of the supply side have led to the pressure on the insurance fee for 6 months.

It is worth noting that, in the sales performance of the insurance company’s traditional products, the sales of inclusive insurance are unusually “fire”.

Obviously, because this type of insurance product is more tangential to vertical demand. Huiming insurance aims at the blank area between traditional commercial insurance and basic medical insurance, with low threshold and low premium, focusing on the protection of serious diseases among residents, especially for the elderly and people with previous diseases, huiming insurance provides an opportunity for this group to have a commercial health care product.

In contrast, insurance companies currently offer products that do not meet demand. In the rapid flow of information today, the customer’s awareness of insurance protection continues to improve, the sales ability of insurance company agents is not enough to meet customer demand, resulting in mismatch between supply and demand, increasing the difficulty of insurance agent sales.

With the acceleration of the aging process in China, the insurance industry is particularly important. In the insurance is not good to sell behind, the exposure of the insurance industry for many years. For several years, traditional insurance companies are mostly guided by the supply of insurance products to consumers, while ignoring the demand orientation from consumers to insurance products.

Therefore, in the case that the original products are not enough to mobilize the enthusiasm for insurance, the insurance company needs to lower its body, change its thinking, take the people as the center, and bring more friendly and convenient products to the consumers, in order to win the trust of consumers, with the market appeal.

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