Insurance scope of car theft and rescue

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people become car owners. However, the increase of cars has also added a lot of pressure to the road traffic, and more and more traffic accidents occur from time to time. Therefore, the importance of car insurance is becoming increasingly prominent. In car insurance, car theft is a special type, many people are more interested. Today we will take a look at the knowledge of car theft.

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First of all, we need to understand the effective time of the car theft. According to the survey, in accordance with the provisions of various insurance companies, the effective time of the theft rescue is zero hours of the next day, and is not immediately effective. Here, the new car owners also need to pay attention to, if there is no license plate, then the theft is not effective. Therefore, new cars focus on this point, to avoid causing losses to themselves.

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Through the above introduction, I believe that many car owners know when the emergency is effective. So why did the theft and rescue take effect at zero hours the next day? It is understood that from the insurance procedure, the policy is not difficult to take effect immediately, but this will increase the work of the insurance company, so the insurance company provides that the next day zero to take effect, to avoid insurance after the insurance situation, moreover, this can facilitate the operation, and can reduce the burden on the staff of the insurance company.

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The scope of protection for theft and emergency rescue includes the following two items:

1. The entire vehicle of the insured vehicle was stolen, stolen, and stolen. After confirmation by the relevant public security departments, the fall of the vehicle has not been ascertained for three months.

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2. The whole vehicle of the insured vehicle was stolen, stolen, damaged or damaged by the car parts and ancillary equipment loss required repair costs

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In addition to the effective time of the car theft rescue, the scope of protection of theft rescue also needs special attention, so as to bring good protection to themselves, but also to avoid some unnecessary disputes. As a kind of commercial car insurance, car theft is a voluntary choice. If you are in a bad environment, or friends who often need to travel, this insurance is still necessary.

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