3 tips for women to invest in themselves

As a girl from small to large, there is no one to tell us how to invest in themselves, even if there, more is the beauty shop advertising words exaggerated propaganda.

People around more emphasis on women should pay, dedicated, forbearing, strong, gentle.

Such a gentle character, but in the end they forget the value of living and the sense of existence.

The concept of traditional Chinese at home from the father, married to the husband is still deeply rooted in the mind of the majority of female friends, if you can be happy to the old that is really God’s favor.

Invest in yourself

Because most of all living beings will encounter large and small turns, changes.

There are seven pains in life: life, aging, illness, death, grudence, love, separation, and not.

Therefore, few people have a smooth and quiet life, and these difficulties can only be faced by themselves alone, you have external things are not your own, even parents, husbands, children belong to themselves.

Only on the body of the ability to belong to yourself, how strong you can withstand the wind and rain.

And investment is not only to spend money, more energy and time, then how to invest in their own?

First: investment in health

Health is the most important flower is the mind, pay attention to the method of care for themselves

In the same year, I began to pay attention to the health, from the neglect of their own body, for this purpose, also studied for a period of time, “Compendium of Materia Medica”.

If you have the financial ability, try to buy a health insurance for yourself.

People have such characteristics, if things do not really happen in their own side always feel that it is just a story or a legend, or just a movie and TV series of the bridge.

Don’t forget that life is sometimes more violent than movies.

Investment health

The most important thing to invest in health is to have health awareness”

What is health “consciousness” is the degree to which you pay attention to your own health. Many people know that their lifestyle is not good, but they still do not know how to correct it.

Because in his unconscious that is still alive and well, we will talk about it later.

Everything has a process of accumulation, health is no exception.

This is the typical lack of health awareness of the people, if there is no health awareness, give you a thousand kinds of ten thousand ways you are not willing to learn, or even adhere.

To have a healthy lifestyle

For example, eating habits, work and rest habits, living habits, Winter know to protect their knees do not reveal the big white legs, and then busy to ensure three meals a day.

Don’t try to diet or weight-loss medicine for a good body, anorexia, but I really have seen, what to eat and what to vomit, and finally only the bones.

Do not arrest the other party or yourself because of poor mood. This kind of naive idea is to lie to yourself.

The pain is only for yourself, and no one will bear a minute for you.

Healthy lifestyle

Focus on physiological knowledge, medical knowledge

Many people because do not understand the body structure, do not understand the function of the body organs blind health.

It is recommended to buy a book about everyday diseases in a regular bookstore, to understand the complications, how to use simple drugs, how to deal with emergencies.

The knowledge you have accumulated may save your own or other people’s lives at a critical time in the future.

Do not simply spread the knowledge of health through the network to believe it, the fact that many of the network of health methods are not scientific.

So it is recommended that you buy genuine medical books, look more, scientific health.

Regular physical examination

It is recommended that the patient receive an integrated examination in less than 35 years, a comprehensive physical examination in 35 to 45 years, and an integrated examination in more than 50 years.

Many diseases are caused by late discovery and delayed treatment time.

Do not spare this silver, this is for their own heart to buy pills.

Buy your own health insurance

To buy their own health insurance, insurance is now keeping up with The Times what kind of insurance, personal think first is accident insurance, life insurance is not recommended to buy more, of course, according to the personal work economic situation to decide, avoid blind insurance.

Many people think that there is insurance on the peace of mind, in fact, there are many due to the lack of understanding of insurance claims and personal circumstances.

In this case, even if you buy, there is no way to help yourself, but spent money, because of the length of the problem is not detailed today.

health insurance plans

Second: investing in the brain

Because China pays attention to “both internal and external”, so the first to start investment from the inside.

There have been several major events in the world of coffee drinking.

Today you are still jealousy his business emporium, may be the next second you know that the star Enterprise has been faced with the acquisition or near bankruptcy, such as the battlefield, life is the same.

There is no so-called stability, only keep moving forward.

Look at some other aspects of the book

It is very recommended to read more books, I have time to write a “how to love and effective reading” to share with you.

Read more miscellaneous books: a person’s cognition is more from the book, because the energy time economy is limited, reading is the most simple and effective way of self-growth.

Many people look at the problem always stay on the surface, the big reason is because his knowledge is not systematic, there is no perfect structure, so always out of context.

Invest in the brain

A flat boat, can not make a point to see the nature of the physical content.

For a simple example, if the eyes are uncomfortable, distending pain and congestion, many people may be more to buy eye drops, treatment of eyes, if the doctor he may ask you have been drinking recently, stay up late.

Because the liver determines the eyes, there is a Chinese saying called liver clear eyesight, the last examination of fatty liver.

This is the systematic medical knowledge, only to avoid the headache, the pain of the foot and the foot.

Life can always find such a situation, the more understanding or non-professional people more easily to make a decision, or stubborn to believe that they are the right.

However, those professionals or learned people are very modest and do not want to make judgments at will, because they know that their knowledge is limited, so they do not want to speculate.

Regular class attendance

Please be kind to the friends who let you learn, this kind of talent is really responsible for your life.

“My life has its end, and my knowledge has its end”.

The end of school education does not represent the end of college life.

It may be these re-education that determine how far you can go in the future.

Training courses must pay attention to, now the network is particularly developed many network courses can be studied free of charge.

A lot of courses: financial management, accounting, investment, management, painting, calligraphy, computer software, psychology and so on.

Long Travel Insight

We have to do our best in this respect. Each person’s time and economic situation are different. If available, buy a copy of travel insurance for yourself

Economic Nervousness can be around the periphery, look at the museum, aquariums, art show meaningful activities can participate in, in short, to maintain the state of learning.

travel insurance online

Good friends

Often I will take the initiative to invite good friends to eat, because of a meal, I can learn a lot of knowledge I do not know, to hear the story of my life has been helpful.

Participate in associations and parties that are helpful to them, see how they deal with people, and listen to their wonderful sharing.

To maintain the spirit of a modest empty cup, learn more knowledge from others, three people must have my teacher.

Third: investment Image

Know maintenance, will maintain

Many people think that maintenance is for the beauty, this is a very superficial understanding, the real maintenance is the sentiment of life, maintenance is a person’s taste, a state of life.

Now look at the value of the society, from a person’s image to see a person’s self-cultivation, the image of the investment will bring a lot of convenience to their own.

Maintenance is not only refers to the face, it can be said that from the hair feet can write several big book maintenance method, today is not much to talk about.

Knowledge of dressing and matching

The taste of dressing and matching

On the dressing with a lot of look at the sharing of the network of fashion talents, their own more summary, buy some recent fashion magazine books, have the condition to listen to the class.

Well-balanced figure

This is mainly to take time to exercise, to maintain a reasonable diet, to develop a slimming or shaping plan, consult private education is also a method.

Your body shape determines your taste.

Elegant sentiment

Learning a dance or a musical instrument, you will find that with these hobbies, a person’s life is not alone.

Elegant sentiment will help you calm the impulsive psychological, health is not only refers to the body, the psychological can not be ignored.

Life is the process of you take your own capital and frustration game, any come out of the wonderful have experienced the transformation of fire regeneration, only to master enough capital can have more power to challenge the fate!

Have an elegant sentiment

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