The most important thing in life is to invest more in your own health

What is the most important ability in this life?

There is no doubt that it is to make money.

In the book The Nature of poverty, the Nobel laureates in economics, “abiget barnaji” and “Ester diflo,” give answers to why people are poor.

Ordinary people will think that poverty is a disease, is the result of some shortcomings accumulated. These shortcomings are either lazy, or cognitive narrow, or not smart enough.

And rich, to a large extent, represents a person’s ability, or smart, or progress, or have some kind of strong self-drive and persistence of noble qualities.

But in this book, the author gives a conclusion after a textual analysis of 18 countries:

The poor are poor because they have no choice.

If you are born poor, living in a resource-poor environment from an early age, even to meet the most basic needs of survival, it is difficult for you to have the will to do something that meets the long-term benefits.

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And because of your concern, you fall into a vicious circle of poverty.

In the book, for example, people in many poor countries are affected by malaria, which makes them spend a lot of time and money on malaria treatment, thus, poverty has continued.

A group of research data shows that because of malaria, the income of the poor is reduced by 50%, which is almost 300 dollars a year.

But there are also studies that show that the economic return on investment in malaria prevention is very high, for example, a mosquito net can be used for 5 years for only 14 dollars, this reduces the risk of malaria infection by 30%.

One side is the $300 in income loss caused by the disease, and the other side is the $14 in spending on mosquito nets, which seems to be more important than the need to measure, rational people will choose to buy mosquito nets.

But it is surprising that these poor people, who are at risk of malaria, have chosen to take a risk again and again between buying mosquito nets and taking a risk, even if they may have to pay high medical expenses.

So, what are they doing with the money? Buy good to eat, buy good to drink, give priority to meet all hedonic needs.

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But is it because they’re being dumb?

Not, after the local government’s popular science, they recognize and understand the role of mosquito nets, but in their order of value, obviously have a big dinner, drinking a glass of frozen beer is far more important than buying a mosquito net.

I thought about it for a moment, if I live a poor life, with a few money in my hand, then I have two choices, one is to go out for a meal, one is to choose to buy a copy of the insurance, I will not hesitate to choose the former.

Even though I know that I can’t afford to see a sick person, a disease will empty my family, but when I can’t even solve the problems in my life, it is difficult for me to make plans for the future.

This is human nature.

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The poor are not short-sighted; They know what to do to maximize long-term benefits.

But they don’t believe in tomorrow.

2. This year is a year of lying flat.

I am no exception, I tell others every day, I lay flat.

But in fact, I’m working behind my back, and what I should do has not been done.

I even took time to work out, from 23% to 12% body fat.

At the same time to buy a copy of your health insurance, because you do not know the day and the accident does not know which one will come first.

Now I take off my clothes, will let the half of the God teacher: only men understand men.

I also thought that everyone said lying flat was just a kind of self-laughing and emotional catharsis, but I later talked about a few people and found that there was really lying flat.

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This is very interesting, lying flat in my mouth and some friends, in fact, is a surrogate for stability.

For example, I said that I am lying flat this year, which means that I am stable this year and will not do anything.

But many small partners said they lay flat, that is, really believe in nihilism lying flat.

I also understand why many of my friends lie flat.

Some are really lazy, while others are habituated.

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What is habitual helplessness?

That is, if you find out how hard you work, it seems to be useless, your state of mind will collapse.

But in fact, it is a regret, lying flat, lost some of the possibility.

At 2 am last night, I was chatting on a social network with a friend of mine.

Friends said that he recently Anxiety, feel that all aspects of their lives are not bad.

I told him, Anxiety is not power, Anxiety will disrupt the normal pace of your life.

So, what’s the motivation?

I wanted to think, said two words, hope.

It’s very common, right, but people are like donkeys, as long as they see a radish in front of them, they will go on.

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We still have to believe in tomorrow.

3. I have two good friends.

One is called delayed gratification, and the other is just-in-time.

Every time I come across a decision, the two friends start a fight.

Delay to meet the friends said, you have to work hard, to self-discipline, to adhere. Buy a copy of your own health insurance, just in case.

I asked him why.

He said for the future.

A friend who has just-in-time says, you have to live in the moment, how do you have to be happy.

I asked him why.

He said that it is most important to be happy, in case you are gone tomorrow, don’t think too much.

After that, he asked me if I was hungry. If I was hungry, he gave me some food.

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In fact, these two friends said, are right.

But they were all wrong.

Choose A or B, there are uncertainties in.

You said for the future, but in case I don’t live in the future.

You said for today, but if I live to the future.

What’s the choice?

Which probability is high, which one to choose.

Think about it with your eyes closed, is it a big probability that you can live to the future?

If so, it should be on the “delayed satisfaction” side of most multiple-choice questions.

The essence of delayed satisfaction is to do more on one’s own.

Think you have a future, think your future will be better.

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So be willing to sacrifice part of the pleasure of the present, to let the future of the void a little bit of materialization.

To maintain lifelong learning, to develop good savings habits, to configure their own pension insurance, are based on this cognitive premise.

This is a little light, many children in rural areas is by this light, out of the countryside, on the university, into the factory, in the first-tier city to buy a car to buy a car, married and have children.

Of course, this sounds common, but common is elegant.

If the meaning of life is true, it is somewhat sour.

The economic basis determines the superstructure.

The master did not wandering in the world, the master was the old man who took the pension to go fishing in the park.

He can reason with young people and teach them to do things.

And have the same experience, but no pension is not called the Master, called the master.

Usually after hit the car, the young man will let him drive slowly, and teach him how to pass the car.

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