What kind of motorcycle insurance do I need to buy for motorcycles?

Friends who have the experience of buying a car know that there are many kinds of car insurance, of which compulsory insurance is a must, and the third party liability insurance is almost the most drivers will buy. After all, more and more vehicles on the road, after a long time driving will inevitably occur some small collisions, in this case the value of insurance can be reflected. However, many people who ride a motorcycle do not know that a motorcycle also needs insurance, and the “three-way insurance” for a motorcycle is highly recommended. This is the experience of the old drivers in cycling for many years and is responsible for themselves, is also responsible for the community.

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There are two kinds of insurance in motorcycle, small series must be emphasized to you: traffic compulsory insurance and third party insurance. Traffic compulsory insurance is the compulsory insurance of motor vehicle traffic accidents, which must be purchased by the state. As a motor vehicle, it is necessary to purchase strong insurance before handling the license business. At the same time, for vehicles that have been riding for many years, it is also necessary to check whether the insurance is normal or not at the time of annual review, therefore, strong insurance is a must for every motor vehicle owner.

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Can a motorcycle buy third-party liability insurance? In different regions, the maximum compensation limits for motorcycles and tractors are divided into four grades: 20,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan, the selection principle of the maximum compensation limit for each accident of tractor is different for different regions, which is consistent with the division of the sales area of motorcycle and tractor fixed policy in the regulations on automobile insurance rate.

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Many insurance configurations of motorcycles are connected with cars, because they all belong to the scope of motor vehicles, but because the safety of motorcycles is not as good as that of cars, the importance of purchasing insurance is more self-evident. At present, the function of a motorcycle has evolved from a simple vehicle to a vehicle for leisure and entertainment, and many young people buy a motorcycle to travel to the city. The total number of motorcycles is increasing, and the number of traffic accidents is also increasing. The role of insurance is very simple. When a traffic accident occurs, the insurance company can bear some or all of the economic losses for the owner, as far as possible to reduce the economic pressure of the owner, not without money to compensate for the situation.

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