How to check the parents to buy the life insurance is not to buy the wrong?

Recently, I saw a piece of news that a elder sister had bought his child nine years of insurance. In the end, I found that I had bought the wrong one. I thought it was an education fund for the child, but it was a life insurance.

She was so angry that she didn’t talk quickly.

I buy the Education Fund, in order to save a sum of education expenditure for children, and then you tell me, I bought the child a he died to lose money insurance, when the child knows, he didn’t want to live that day.

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He also wants to give back his 6-year-old money.

To speak of this elder sister, is really big heart.

Buy a child insurance, do not take a look at their own, you take a glance at what is the type of insurance.

You spent thousands of years to buy the insurance, even don’t look, your family’s insurance contract would like to say to you:

If you look down on me.

And this situation, but in fact, there are too many similar examples.

The older generation of parents, many of them can not afford to do insurance relatives and friends repeatedly harassment, oh no, recommended, to buy a pile of insurance for children.

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Then asked specific what to buy, a question I don’t know, the flouted said, this can also be lost, that can also be lost, the future can return money.

A friend of mine met this matter, and one day he suddenly received a phone call from his mother, said that he had 3 copies of insurance.

Since I had told him a lot of fraud stories before, he was confused at that time, and quickly stressed:

Ma, I’m your only son.

His mother is right, that’s why he’s buying  insurance.

Only then did he know that he had an elder sister who recently joined the insurance industry and visited his home in three days and two ends. He took his mother to talk and said that the child was outside alone and what to do in case of something happened, you have a son.

His mother refused at the beginning, and later he listened more, and felt that his child would have an accident every day, so he bought the insurance.

After the purchase, his mother had a little hesitancy and did not know whether it was right or not, so she started to buy it with the friends around her, his mother was at ease.

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Until the time he called, his uncle was already a star of service in the area, bringing insurance to 13 families, feeling the world.

My friend after knowing this, the first time came to ask my advice, although he is a financial professional origin, but also can not distinguish the quality of insurance products.

Don’t smile, many of the investment industry leaders also do not understand, this is normal.

Then I told him, don’t worry, in case the insurance you bought is not so bad.

He said, you are really a comfort.

I held my glasses and looked back slightly in my chair. Then I looked out of the window at Shenzhen Bay and told him,

Let’s do what I said first, and simply do a screening of the policy at home to see if there is any wrong.

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How to do it?

The first step, you ask parents, we buy is a serious illness insurance, or financial insurance?

This question, mainly to see to buy the insurance does not match the demand, there is no bundled sales or misleading to buy some of the reverse of the product.

1. If your parents say that you are buying serious illness insurance, OK, then look at the specific name of the insurance contract.

If you have the words “lifelong life insurance”, “both” and “dividend”, you should be vigilant, and the probability is to buy the wrong insurance.

In the popular sense, there are only two kinds of insurance for serious illness, one is medical insurance, one is serious disease insurance.

However, in the actual sales scenario, in order to increase the premium income, insurance companies will sell some of the so-called insurance plans, the serious disease insurance, medical insurance and life insurance that you may not need, the company made a mash-up with compulsory bundle sales.

If you want to buy serious disease insurance, the premise is to buy my life insurance, because the latter is the main insurance, you are the serious disease insurance is only additional insurance.

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There are two drawbacks to this purchase. One is to pay a high cost for the insurance you do not need.

The other is that there will be a situation where the main insurance and the additional insurance share a coverage, for example, if you lose a serious illness, the amount of life insurance will be deducted. But if you buy separately, this problem will not exist.

The design of insurance products is usually contrary to everyone’s common sense. Sometimes the more pure and pure the protection responsibility, the better it may be.

If parents said to buy financial insurance, then you ask how much is the rate of return, when can return to the cost, need to use the money can be taken out.

If parents say that the yield is more than 4%, then you have to play a big question mark.

Due to regulatory requirements on the upper limit of insurance pricing rates, it is almost impossible for the deterministic return rate of property insurance to be greater than 4%.

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That usually a lot of insurance products to promote their own yield of 4.5%, 5% or even 6% above what’s going on?

That is the rate of return of uncertainty, generally there are two cases:

One is the common rate of return is divided into three grades, the low is the bottom rate of return, the mid-range and high-end is the uncertain rate of return, as for the yield can get how much, linked to the insurance company’s future investment.

But in the current interest rate environment, the high probability is only to get a low-to mid-range yield, generally not more than 3%, with the future interest rates down, the uncertainty of the income will be lower.

The other is the universal account of the floating rate of return, when the main risk of the deterministic rate of return to promote.

You can understand the universal account is a similar balance Bao financial account, the return rate of this account is also uncertain, there are often fluctuations, the rate of return is to see the investment situation of the insurance company, the actual situation depends on the mood of the insurance company.

Some insurance companies like to be in the sales node, first adjust the yield, and then wait for the harvest after a wave, and then adjust the yield to the normal level.

And this is mainly to see how the bottom interest rate, to see the short-term interest rates are not meaningful, short-term who is not high?

Then ask back to this time and withdrawal time point, mainly to see if parents have been misleading.

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The liquidity of property insurance is very poor, in order to facilitate sales, some salesman will enlarge the propaganda, want to use the money at any time can be taken out.

But usually not for more than five years, the cash value of the insurance policy can not return the cost, if you want to return the insurance in advance, there will be a lot of losses.

I often see some social news, said a certain certain to buy insurance for ten years, but also lost money when out, because it was misdirected, to buy back the long-term management of property insurance.

But in fact, if they do not return in advance, they will not lose money, so sometimes I am a little confused.

If parents said to buy insurance can protect the serious illness, and can manage financial management.

There is no doubt that you must have bought junk products, and insurance is not a good thing for both fish and bear.

If you look at the protection content carefully, you will find that the protection function of this product is very weak, the amount of insurance is very low, and the yield is very low.

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What’s the only height?

Thank you, it’s premium.

Then the second step, turn over the insurance contract, see what is the protection of this insurance, the amount of insurance is how much.

This step, mainly want to know how the price of the product itself, how much can play a role, there is no to buy expensive.

1. If you buy a serious disease insurance, the basic insurance is not high, and the premium is not expensive.

If the amount of insurance is less than 200,000, it shows that the effect is not big, and the amount of insurance needs to be replenished in time if it is still young.

If the ratio of the total premium to the total insured amount is less than 1:2, for example, the 20-year premium adds up to 150,000 and the insured amount is only 200,000, then the leverage ratio of this product is very low, conditional can be considered to buy again.

If you are buying a full-life insurance plan with additional serious illness, medical, accident and other package, then I suggest checking the additional medical insurance and accident insurance how cost-effective.

If the coverage of medical insurance is very low, such as an ordinary small-scale inpatient care, it is recommended that the premium on this side of the follow-up medical insurance will not be paid.

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Because you have a better choice, just buy a million medical insurance or add some money to the mid-range medical insurance, it is much better than this.

If the accident insurance is a long-term accident insurance, then I also suggest that the follow-up of the liability of the premium will not be paid.

Because the accident insurance is not necessary to buy long-term, this thing does not need to inform the health, can buy a normal life, and the impact of age on the rate is very small, such as 18 young people and 60 years old, it may be the same price to buy accident insurance.

3. If you buy a property insurance, I don’t care if you are an annuity or what, it is recommended to measure the IRR and see the real rate of return.

The calculation method is more complex, so we will not elaborate here, we can use Google search.

However, if the insurance policy is purchased after 2000 years, and it is a product covered by several large insurance companies, it is probably not higher than 3%, and the normal should be about 2%.

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And the IRR is less than 3% of the management of property insurance, I think it is of no value, after all, the highest of the same kind can reach about 4%, in the long run, you will lose a lot of opportunity cost, clearly can make hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of more, is your rashness.

The third step, if the method mentioned above, you feel too complicated, then I suggest that you use the search engine, enter the name of the insurance contract, take a look at the word of mouth of this product.

Although there are now a lot of people who like to write the negative impact of the product, but the overall look at the negative evaluation of the number, it is probably to know what to buy a product.

For example, a random search, all negative, and the article is justified, that this product has been poor consensus.

That if parents to buy the wrong insurance, should not withdraw insurance?

Not necessarily, mainly to see the high cost of sinking is not high, there is no choice.

For example, it has been paid for seven or eight years of property insurance, and then the return of insurance is definitely a loss, the specific return of the insurance can be returned, we can see the cash value table on the insurance contract.

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What is the cash value of the policy in the x year, the corresponding is the money that can be returned.

In this case, it is better to simply pay it, after all, the money is left in the hand of the bank, when forced savings.

Another example is the current health situation and age, can not buy a new life insurance, or buy a new is not so good, it is also recommended to keep the policy, there is always better than no.

There are also some cases, if it is misdirected by the salesman to buy the wrong insurance, then it is possible to return the premium.

For example, 1, the salesman false propaganda

Similar to this insurance can compensate for anything, or as we have said before, the case of Hangzhou elder sister, the lifelong life insurance as Education gold to sell, or the commitment to return the cost of many years, but the actual is not.

These are all in the category of false propaganda. If you can find evidence similar to text or recording, you can call 12378 complaints and ask the insurance company to return the premium.

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What if there is no evidence? Fishing, for example, call the previous salesman, before you let me buy the insurance, what can compensate for the right, now I have a friend who also want to buy…

Then the recording is used as the key evidence, and the complaint will be of great use in the future.

For example, 2. The signature on the policy is the representative signature of the salesman

If your parents didn’t sign it, you can also get the premium back through a complaint.

For example, 3. At the beginning of the insurance, the salesman gave your parents a secret return or all forms of gift to lure your parents to buy

If there is evidence in this case, you can also apply for a refund of the premium on the grounds of inducing the insurance.

Finally, I want to say that the wrong insurance, than did not buy insurance is also dangerous.

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At least not to buy insurance, you will be aware of the risk, you will go to understand the insurance, in a timely manner to their own and their families.

But if you think that you already have insurance, but the actual use of this insurance is not useful, then the future encounter things, this is Ray.

When I was a child, my parents bought them a lot of insurance policies, and then they thought they were stable and had insurance.

In fact, a careful look at the home insurance policy, either to buy the wrong, or the amount is too low to use, in short, have to buy a wave.

If your parents also give you, or buy a lot of insurance for yourself, then I suggest you ask them.

Maybe there’s a surprise.

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