What life insurance to buy over 60 years old

Over the age of 60 to buy insurance? Because people over the age of 60, the physical condition is relatively poor, the probability of their own illness and accidents is very high, so the elderly over the age of 60 to buy insurance to increase their own security, it is still necessary.

life insurance over 60

Over the age of 60 to buy what insurance is more appropriate?

Insurance companies take into account that people over the age of 60 are older, the risk is higher, so the premium will increase, and more restrictive. Therefore, the elderly over the age of 60 in the purchase of insurance, it is best not to buy savings-type insurance, such as serious disease insurance. Because it is easy to appear in the case of premium inversion.

life insurance for seniors over 60

For people of this age, the purchase of insurance should consider the type of consumption insurance, not only the premium is cheap, the scope of protection is also high. It is suggested that priority should be given to the avoidance of health risks and accidental risks, and accident insurance, hospitalization medical insurance and consumption-type anti-severe insurance can be purchased. If necessary, we can also supplement the old-age insurance and life insurance, so that the elderly can get more comprehensive protection.

best life insurance for seniors over 60

Over 60 years old to buy what insurance products recommended

With the accelerated pace of modernization and the decline of Environmental Quality, Incidence Rate of severe cases increased year by year. Severe cases have become an important factor for people Incidence Rate and Mortality Rate. The elderly over the age of 60 decline in physical resistance, the probability of sudden severe illness is much higher than young people. In this regard, we recommend the investment letter specially designed for the elderly aged 45-70 years old friends of the three generation of anti-severe insurance, this product has the following advantages:

life insurance for 60 year-old male

1, it is a special protection of the elderly in the prevention of severe insurance, can be guaranteed to 80 years old;

2, its low premium, the average premium of less than 4 yuan a day, we can buy, no pressure;

3, can give bone severe, leukemia, brain severe risk to provide double protection;

4, to provide customers with special registration services, the insured to see a doctor, the insurance company to help register, so that customers enjoy the intimate service.

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