Why do ordinary insurance companies dare not to insure luxury cars?

The chain reaction caused by the event of “luxury cars can’t hurt” has greatly increased the sense of crisis in ordinary private cars. “Now there are more and more cars on the street, such as Porsches, Ferraris, and Jaguar. We have to stay away from each other, and we don’t care to hit back before liberation”.

It is suggested that “when buying third-party liability insurance, the owners should not be high or low, and can not save small money to eat big losses. And 200,000 yuan of third-party liability insurance and 500,000 yuan of third-party liability insurance, the premium difference is only a few hundred yuan, an additional hundred yuan each year in case of hit the luxury car and insurance to you “.

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The Yage owner of Wenzhou luxury car accident cannot get full compensation from the insurance company because he is not insured with “non-deductible insurance. What is the “non-deductible insurance?

“Non-deductible insurance” means that the insurance company will set a deductible rate (generally about 5 to 20%) according to the liability of both parties to the accident. If you do not buy “non-deductible insurance”, the amount of third-party liability insurance will be reduced according to the deductible rate, and it is impossible to compensate for the whole. If you buy it, the insurance company will pay the full amount.

The difference between compulsory insurance and third party liability insurance

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Some car owners only buy a strong insurance on the road, but in the face of the accident, buy not to buy a third party liability insurance premium difference is very large.

At present, the liability limit of compulsory insurance is divided into two cases and three parts. For those who are responsible for the insured car in a traffic accident, there is a 110,000 yuan limitation limit for death and disability compensation, 10,000 yuan medical expenses limit and 2000 yuan property loss limit; If there is no responsibility for the insured car in a traffic accident, there is a 11,000 yuan limit for compensation for death and disability, the limit of compensation for medical expenses of 1000 yuan and the limit of compensation for property losses of 100 yuan. If the motor vehicle is hit, there is no casualties, then the maximum amount of 2 thousand yuan can be taken out of the insurance for the repair of the car, and the insufficient part can only be borne by the party responsible for the accident. The three commercial insurance is not divided into the liability limit, as long as the loss does not exceed the total limit of the insurance, whether it is to repair the car or save the person can be within the maximum limit, according to the provisions of the insurance contract to pay. That is to say, if you are willing to spend more than a thousand yuan on third-party liability insurance for more than a million yuan, you are still a little infirm even if you hit a Rolls-rose.

After saying so much, it seems that the third party liability insurance and non-reimbursement insurance are really very important. It takes several hundred dollars a year to increase the insurance amount and drive on the road to feel at ease.

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