What are the methods of motorcycle anti-theft? Is the motorcycle anti-theft insurance worth buying?

Regardless of the value of the motorcycle, the theft of the motorcycle has been endless, from the value of thousands of yuan of motorcycles to more than 100,000 yuan of luxury motorcycles, there have been theft incidents. The more popular motorcycle models are, the more likely they are to be stolen. This is because the number of popular models will be more, after being stolen and sold to others is also very convenient. Therefore, these “most popular models” are particularly likely to be targets for car theft. So what are the methods of motorcycle anti-theft?

It is better to develop good parking habits than to find anti-theft methods, which is an effective measure to avoid theft. In general, when cycling out, the car is placed in the line of sight. If you want to stay overnight in the hotel, you must put the motorcycle in the security kiosk or the hotel Hall, and you must not put it on the side of the road at night. A few friends of my motorcycle stopped at night on the side of the road, was stolen. So finish the habit of parking, I will share two methods of anti-theft.

1. Install GPS positioning system and alarm

Now the motorcycle has a lot of GPS system with the car, the general equipment, the price is not expensive. The location of the vehicle can be viewed at any time on the APP. The specific location of the vehicle and the orientation of the headstock may also be notified by SMS. The anti-theft device and the circuit are connected together, and the flame-out can be remotely controlled. If you are in a region where the rate of theft is relatively high, you can consider installing a GPS system, be prepared. There is also an alarm, if the vehicle is touched in the state of locking, it will sound a buzzer alarm. To a certain extent, it can act as a threat to the car theft.

2. Purchase of theft or theft compensation insurance

In addition to the above methods of physical theft prevention, it is also possible to prevent the loss of car theft from insurance. That is the purchase of commercial insurance in the theft, motorcycle can also buy commercial insurance. Among them, the cost of theft and rescue will have different pricing according to the value of the vehicle. If it is Suzuki GW250, the cost of full insurance should be within 2000. Which includes the third party liability insurance and vehicle theft and rescue. Once the motorcycle is stolen, you can go to the insurance process to claim the insurance company. In general, compensation can be effectively obtained as long as the situation is true.

In short, in order to prevent the motorcycle theft, we must first develop the habit of using the car, the car. In addition, we must be fully prepared for anti-theft measures.

Finally, we should also buy a certain amount of insurance or theft insurance, in order to prevent the occurrence of vehicle accidents theft brought us huge losses.

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