Motorcycle insurance claim process and precautions

It is well known that motorcycles also need to buy insurance, but most people do not know much about motorcycle insurance, especially the settlement process of motorcycle insurance. There are also some people who understand the claims process, but often panic and forget the claims process after an accident. Today, we will continue to understand the motorcycle insurance claims process, and hope to help you.

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Accidents between the two sides: in general, traffic accidents are divided into different situations; If it is an accident between the two sides, the responsibility is very clear, do not leave the car there, which will seriously affect the traffic, the two sides can talk and move the car to the side. If you do not move the car to the side, after the traffic police, even if you have no responsibility, the traffic police will be fine, because you are blocking the traffic. So for the two sides of the accident, do you need to go to the insurance company of both sides? The answer is no, the current rule is to go to the culprit side.

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If it is a unilateral accident, then you need to report it within 48 hours, it is necessary to explain that this is your own, the insurance company may let you fill in an accident description, relatively simple, fixed damage after going to repair the car. But what if it’s not reported in more than 48 hours? After that, the insurance company will refuse to pay.

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In addition, we also need to pay attention to: 1, we should first protect the scene after the motorcycle is out of danger, and within 48 hours to the insurance company to report the accident, to provide insurance policies, waiting for the insurance company to survey the site.

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2, The owner also need to call 110 waiting for the police to come, the main role of the police is to divide the responsibility according to the situation, and then the police will issue a rapid responsibility processing list, each take one. This has an important role in the follow-up insurance claims. Then the various claims documents to the insurance company claims personnel, in the risk of vehicle repair, the owner should keep the repair invoice, while providing other necessary materials to the insurance company claims.

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3, we also need to understand in advance of the accident after the settlement of the claims need to carry what materials, mainly need the following:

(1) the original and copy of the motorbike insurance policy and batch;

(2) notice of motorcycle insurance/claim;

(3) copies of relevant driving license, driver’s license and identity card;

(4) the original receipt of the relevant compensation, repair invoice and so on;

(5) the responsibility for road traffic accidents.

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