Details of motorcycle insurance purchase process

Many people know little about motorcycle insurance. They think that motorcycles are not insured. In fact, the motorcycle also belongs to the motor vehicle, the need to pay the traffic compulsory insurance, but also can buy other commercial insurance. If no compulsory traffic insurance is found by the traffic police, they will also be detained. However, the electronic insurance policy has been implemented in Beijing, so we don’t have to carry the insurance policy, which greatly facilitates our travel.

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So such an important motorcycle traffic insurance should be how to buy it? In fact, the major insurance companies can be on the strong insurance, but need to bring a certificate.

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1, driving license (original, copy, photo, one of three can be).

2, if the insurance applicant is an individual to provide: ID card (copy, photo, both front and back, two can be), if the insurance applicant is an enterprise: organization code certificate (copy, photo, one of two can be).

3, ID card, driving license and sub-page, if it is a renewal of the last year, but also with the policy, the most important point is that the banknote should be prepared. The annual premium for the displacement of 50CC or less is 80 yuan, the annual premium for 50CC-250CC (inclusive) is 120 yuan, and the annual premium for more than 250CC and three rounds of side is 400 yuan. Other displacement of the car specific to the insurance company to check, in short, there is a range of displacement, the larger the more expensive.

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Motorcycle to buy insurance process: in fact, motorcycle insurance and car insurance is similar, but slightly different, first to buy insurance need to understand the content of the terms, we can focus on the insurance liability, exclusions and special agreements, the rights and obligations of the insured, the calculation of the deductible or deductible, the procedures for applying for compensation, the provisions for the repayment and depreciation, etc.

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Because there are many types of commercial insurance on the market, generally for the motorcycle, the purchase of the number of people is more. But the owner in the choice of insurance or need to choose according to their own condition and driving environment of the car insurance products, in addition to the owner in the choice of insurance level, should pay attention to the full amount of insurance. At the end of the application for insurance, the applicant shall fill out the application form, inform the insurer of important matters, and provide the insured’s motor vehicle driver’s license, driver’s license and other materials.

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