How do you buy outdoor travel accident insurance for mountain climbing fans?

How do you buy outdoor travel accident insurance for mountain climbing fans? Choose the right to ensure good

As people pay more and more attention to healthy life, outdoor travel has become a lot of people in the work of the sports. As a common outdoor sport, mountain climbing is more and more popular. There are many uncertain risks in outdoor activities, and one insurance is more than one. But as a high-risk sport, how do you buy outdoor travel accident insurance? This article takes you to understand the outdoor tourism accident insurance, choose the right to protect the good.

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A, what is the outdoor travel accident insurance?

Outdoor travel accident insurance is a special form of accident insurance, mainly for outdoor sports fans to provide outdoor sports when the accident caused by injuries to provide rescue, treatment and other protection, it is specially designed by insurance companies for those who are interested in outdoor sports.

Ordinary accident insurance generally does not provide the protection of high-risk sports such as mountain climbing, drift, parachuting, rock climbing, so it is essential for mountain climbing fans to buy outdoor travel accident insurance.

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Second, how to buy outdoor travel accident insurance?

1, pay attention to guarantee the matching degree of time and content

Most of the protection time of outdoor travel accident insurance is not effective from the same day, if the protection time is less than the travel time, then the whole process can not be guaranteed, in case of accident outside the protection time, the insurance company cannot be charged.

Outdoor travel accident insurance protection content selection is also very important, high-risk sports should also be classified according to the risk level to buy outdoor travel accident insurance. Therefore, when you buy outdoor travel accident insurance, you should choose according to your own travel time and outdoor projects.

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2, pay attention to the amount of outdoor travel insurance

Climbing activities are high-risk travel projects, so the risk of accidents is also greatly increased. The unexpected medical expenses caused by high risk are relatively high, or have a great impact on life. Therefore, when choosing the insurance amount, try to set it at more than 5 times the annual income of the insured, the impact on the household economy can be reduced more effectively.

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3, pay attention to whether to provide 24 hours of emergency rescue services

At present, some outdoor travel accident insurance on the market provides 24-hour emergency rescue service, which can provide timely rescue for the insured when an emergency accident occurs during outdoor travel.

Mountain climbing activities are generally located far away from the city center. If there is an accident, it is easy to have no way to help, and if you buy accident insurance to provide emergency services, you can contact the insurance company for timely assistance.

As a special travel activity, mountain climbing needs a special outdoor travel accident insurance to provide protection. As for how to buy, I believe that after reading this article we have to understand, climbing fans can be combined with their own situation, according to the above three points to choose, choose the right to ensure good!

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