Price of new car insurance, calculation method of new car insurance

Compared to the lack of supplies in the last century, now our life can be described as a variety of colorful, a wide variety of products. Even in the past, many cars that were out of reach of ordinary families have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. Now more and more people have a car, but also to promote the development of automobile insurance industry, today we focus on introducing the knowledge of automobile insurance.

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First of all, we take a look at the new car insurance generally need how much? The average price of a car for an average family is about one hundred thousand, so I use the insurance price of about one hundred thousand models Today. In general, the insurance price is relatively stable, compulsory insurance 950 yuan, which is mandatory to buy. Then our new car insurance and car damage insurance, about the price is about 1000 yuan, there are three kinds of liability insurance, this we can choose to protect 50,010 200,000 grade, we take the highest value of 200,001 general price is 1000 yuan. The price of the emergency rescue is about 300 yuan, and the new car should be bought, because now the criminals are most interested in the new car, so we should choose the emergency rescue. The rest of the insurance is about 50 yuan; There is a separate glass breakage risk, which is calculated according to the domestic glass about 100 yuan, and there is also a mark risk of 300 yuan, excluding the compensation is about 50 yuan. The overall cost of insurance is about 4000 yuan, of course, I need to explain that the price of insurance and the price of a new car has a great relationship, finally, friends who want to buy a new car should first choose the full risk, because after all, the new car has a great need to run in, pay attention to safety.

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After understanding the basic price of new car insurance, we also need to know some new car insurance calculation method, which is more important to us. The formula for the calculation of vehicle insurance with fixed rate insurance: the traffic insurance and the commercial third party liability insurance are both fixed premium, that is, they have nothing to do with the price of the vehicle, and the owner can pay the corresponding premium according to his actual situation or needs. The formula for the calculation of the vehicle insurance of the floating rate insurance type: the floating rate insurance type includes vehicle loss insurance, the whole vehicle theft and emergency rescue, the liability insurance of the personnel on the vehicle, the glass separate breakage insurance, and the special insurance without compensation. The common feature of these insurance types in the calculation formula of vehicle insurance is that they are related to the vehicle price and have corresponding rate factors. The same vehicle is insured in different provinces and cities in the country, and the benchmark premium will be different.

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