What insurance can be purchased for persons with disabilities?

Disabled people are a group of people who need insurance very much because they have no support after the accident. So, what insurance can people with disabilities buy? What should be paid attention to when buying!

long term disability insurance

First, the disabled can buy insurance

Disabled people are a special group, because of physical defects, so can not live and work like normal people, there are a variety of restrictions. Although people with disabilities can buy insurance, but not all insurance can be purchased, need to look at the situation to analyze!

1.Social Security

Social Security is the welfare given by the state, whether men or women, is always less or with disability, can buy social insurance.

2. Health insurance (medical insurance and serious disease insurance)

If you buy health insurance, you need to consider the situation. If the cause of disability is an accident, such as an accident when you are a child, resulting in a broken finger or short foot, then the general insurance is no problem. If the cause of disability is disease, but the degree of disability is relatively small, it can also be insured normally, but if the consequences are serious, such as binocular blindness, hearing loss, etc, then they are generally denied protection.

3.Accident and life insurance

Accident insurance attention is to see the degree of disability, relatively light are can be insured;  Life insurance and serious illness almost, will consider the factors of disease.

short term disability insurance

Second, the disabled to buy insurance need to pay attention to what problems
1. True advice

When purchasing insurance, persons with disabilities are generally required to submit a disability card, verify the degree of disability, and fill out a questionnaire for persons with disabilities, generally including the cause, degree, past medical records, and so on. This is the same as the average person to buy insurance, if the insurance company found in the health notice to deliberately hide, the consequences are very serious.

2. Pay attention to the premium

Since insurance for persons with disabilities is often covered by exclusions or additional fees, the premium may be more expensive.

3. Pay attention to the causes of disability

Although the degree of disability is important, the cause of disability is not overlooked, and the majority of cases are due to disability caused by accidental injury. If the disease is caused by disability, the specific situation will be analyzed.

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