Learn about the ranking of American insurance companies

“Insurance” in today’s growing development, continuous upgrading, more frequently appear in our daily life. The word insurance is interpreted in a Modern Chinese Dictionary in the sense of being safe or certain. However, this word in the insurance science has its specific content, the meaning is far more profound than we know the meaning. In our country, Insurance is a word introduced from abroad, which is translated by a word according to its pronunciation and belongs to transliterated foreign words.

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Guangdong province was the first place in our country to develop such a project, and people in Guangdong province were once used to call insurance “Yan”, which is a foreign transliteration, the pronunciation is very similar to that of the word “insurance” in English. The development process of insurance is also with the historical evolution of continuous upgrading, and constantly improve their own process, in the process of continuous development of the formation of their own style and management system of the company, today, the office building of the insurance company has become one of many tall buildings in a very harmonious manner. Today we want to learn about the ranking of American insurance companies.

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Top five American insurance companies

In the globalization has become the development of the world trend, we not only to understand the country’s own insurance institutions, but also to understand the foreign insurance companies, the so-called take its essence, learn from each other. Next, we take a look at the major insurance companies in the United States.

It was founded in 1956 by the company, a world-renowned insurance and diversification group. The main means of operating this company requires the completion of the insurance work through the national security company and the insurance of the big guide and some small companies engaged in the insurance business.

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American state agricultural insurance is actually an insurance company for the whole United States. They are specialized in helping people to deal with the crisis encountered in daily life in a timely manner, so that people have a better life is the purpose of the company. The company guarantees that the conditions for the success of the company are the principles of high quality of service and integrity of the work. If customers were asked which insurance company they would choose, then someone would choose American state agricultural insurance.

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The creation of the American Metropolis Group is very special. It was founded by New York City entrepreneurs through huge investment costs, founded in 1863, through five years of hard work, also experienced many times of recombination, in 1868, the company made the decision to focus on the development of life insurance business, and the target group also has a certain limit-middle class customers.


The company is an American insurance company with a long history. Also by the customer’s favor and like, the choice of the crowd is also very extensive.

When it comes to the largest life insurance company in the United States, people will certainly think of the American insurance company, which is a company of the financial group, and the output value is very considerable.

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Top ten insurance companies in the United States

The top five followed by the remaining five insurance companies in the top ten.

In the United States, New York Life Insurance Company is treated with a thumb. Its insurance is the largest service part, and it is also the top 500 in the journal wealth. On the way forward in the history, the company and its subsidiaries have been constantly updated and improved, and constantly provide better services for people, the scope of their services continues to grow from the original life insurance, the new addition of a variety of insurance categories. In today’s increasingly competitive society, the company has always been the leader, in a leading position.

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The American Teachers Retirement Foundation, which is a large enterprise with a long history in the United States. The experience of the 80th anniversary of the historical examination is still the choice in the eyes of the customer. Massachusetts Life Insurance is a global, diversified financial services organization. The company’s goal is to continuously build their own brand effectiveness, improve and update their management system, for different enterprises or individuals to provide more extensive and more quality services.

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Sao Paulo group and traveler’s property and Accident Insurance Company, which had previously been trading $16 billion, are now working together as the two largest companies. According to the calculation method of the market person, this is the second largest insurance industry in the United States. After the merger, the company changed its name to Sao Paulo travelers, and its total assets were up to $107 billion, which is not a small number in the US insurance market, the share is closely inferior to that of American International Group (AIG).

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Insurance for overseas Chinese in the United States

The American Teachers Retirement Foundation will be the leading role of the events I want to list. Education and non-profit organizations are the targets of this group of companies to foster and conduct transactions. Eighty years of history, the quality of service, low prices and professional management, formal these factors make the country’s citizens to rest assured. An important means of operating the company is through retirement funds, pension and personal retirement accounts. Other activities include life, health, disability insurance and mutual funds. This pension was the only insurance for his family in the United States, when his grandfather, an American overseas Chinese, was returned to China, when you talk to your children about the United States, you will also talk about the insurance companies in the United States.

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