What are the risks of buying auto insurance online? Is it reliable to buy car insurance online?

With the rapid development of Internet finance, more and more young people choose a key to meet the needs of life on the Internet, so online also appeared a car insurance purchase service. In recent years, the major car insurance price comparison websites compete to attract customers, offer preferential conditions, attract popularity, and seize the market. However, car insurance and other types of insurance sales platform is a new thing in this field, the owner through the platform to buy services, still need to pay attention to the following risks:

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1. Platform misleading. The fierce competition in the Internet auto insurance market will inevitably lead to a price war among major insurance companies. However, it is worth noting that many Internet companies are under the banner of a fair third-party platform, and there are actually more insurance companies behind them. Therefore, the platform will inevitably lose its fairness. In the face of all kinds of seemingly professional and objective purchase insurance suggestions, consumers need to polish their eyes and not be misleading by marketing speech.

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2. The price is misleading. Whether it is auto insurance or life insurance price ratio, must stand in the perspective of fair professional for consumers to analyze the insurance terms and customer needs. Some insurance price comparison platform for some non-comparable insurance products, only list the price, other elements are ignored, the applicant constitutes a sales misleading. Some people in the industry pointed out that after the market-oriented reform of commercial car insurance rates, the purchase of car insurance may need to consider driving behavior, claims and other factors, not just a simple price ratio can cover. Some car insurance may be similar in price, but the services provided behind may vary greatly.

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3. Regulatory risk. After all, the Internet car insurance is a new model, in the regulation is also facing a large open area. A company selling insurance on the Internet must apply for the qualification of internet sales through the approval of the relevant institutions. Qualified companies need to solve the corresponding risk problems in terms of capital security and payment interface, and will also pay high costs.

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4. Disclosure of personal information. In practice, in order to ensure the authenticity of the identity of both parties, the current auto insurance platform needs to store a large amount of personal information, such as ID card, vehicle information, contact information, etc, it also brings the risk of information leakage. If the platform does not do a good job of protecting the privacy of the customer’s personal information, the security technology of the website will be cracked, which can easily lead to leakage.

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