How to buy road trip travel insurance?

In recent years, more and more tourists do not like to travel with the group, more willing to do the strategy with their relatives and friends, driving together. But self-driving travel in the free at the same time, also means to bear the risk of their own travel. At this time, the need for insurance to weaken the risk of sudden accidents on the way to the self-driving tour. So, how to buy self-driving travel insurance? Please take this copy.

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A, choose what kind of insurance?

There are many kinds of self-driving tour, you can drive to the suburbs, go to the neighboring provinces or to Tibet, Qinghai and other places to play. However, beauty and crisis coexist, different destinations can enjoy different scenery, will also face different degrees of danger. In the process of self-driving travel, we should also pay attention to the dangers that may occur on the way, and prepare for the time of day.

When you go out to play, you are likely to have mosquito bites, or get lost due to unfamiliar road conditions, therefore, when you are insured for travel accident insurance, you can choose for yourself to have additional medical functions and emergency rescue services. In addition to their own and family insurance travel accident insurance, you can also choose for their own car insurance a Mark insurance, for self-driving travel may occur on the road to provide a protection.

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Second, what kind of coverage?

The insurance amount of different insurance products is different, the insurance amount of accident insurance is about 500,000-1 million, we can choose the appropriate amount of insurance according to the probability of accidents encountered in self-driving activities and the level of risk. If you are driving out to walk, enjoy flowers, or have a pickle, you can choose a lower coverage; If you are driving to Tibet, Qinghai, or Qomolangma, accompanied by high-risk activities such as rock climbing and exploration, more coverage and additional emergency services are needed.

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Three, how to choose the duration of insurance?

Long-term accident insurance is a good choice for friends who often travel long distances. But if it is only a short-term self-driving tour, then the insurance for everyone is short-term accident insurance. Friends in the choice of short-term accident insurance protection period, we must give full consideration to their own self-driving travel time, to ensure that the security period is longer than the estimated round-trip travel time of a few days or ten days, to avoid the occurrence of unexpected delays in the travel lead to the absence of their own security.

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Self-driving travel insurance How to buy, accept this strategy you will understand. Although the self-driving tour is fun, but the risk coefficient is relatively high, we must be prepared before departure, in advance of the configuration of self-driving travel insurance, if you have previously bought a comprehensive accident insurance, can also be added to a short-term travel accident insurance, get more targeted protection. Go out, tied up the insurance of this “seat belt”, in order to make their own journey.

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