What kind of insurance is good for self-driving travel insurance?

The annual summer travel season is coming soon. With the popularity of self-driving travel, many families have their own self-driving travel plans, followed by the safety and security issues during self-driving travel, many insurance-aware friends will also learn more about self-driving travel insurance. What is self-driving travel insurance? How to buy? Today, with the small north together to understand the role of self-driving travel insurance and pay attention to the purchase of it.

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What is self-driving travel insurance?

Self-driving travel insurance is a kind of accident insurance specially tailored for tourists traveling by private cars. It generally provides self-driving accident injury, accident medical care and other protection during the security period, covering accidental death, the medical expenses caused by disability and accidents allow the insured person to transfer the potential risks during the self-driving tour, and some of the insurance types are also specially equipped with services such as roadside repair and emergency trailer. Self-driving travel insurance usually has a higher amount of protection, free time optional, weekend vacation travel can choose to cover self-driving travel insurance.

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how to choose self-driving travel insurance?
1, determine the protection needs

To determine the security needs, we should take into account the travel arrangements, personnel and environmental conditions during the self-driving tour. Different self-driving travel insurance products, the protection of the focus is different, in the choice to buy self-driving travel insurance, should try to ensure that the self-driving travel arrangements belong to the scope of the relevant insurance protection; in the case of personnel, medical care is generally needed, and for the family economic pillar, the risk of loss of working ability due to accidents should also be considered.

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2, choose the appropriate guarantee period and amount

When purchasing self-driving travel insurance, the length of the selected insurance is recommended to be appropriately longer than the planned travel time. The Extra guarantee period is mainly to cope with the uncertainty of the trip, such as the delay of the trip caused by the weather, avoid unexpected situations where the journey is not over yet and the insurance is lost.

In terms of the amount of insurance, before purchasing the self-driving travel insurance, you can first review the insurance you have purchased, whether you have insured the relevant accident insurance, and the amount of insurance for the accident insurance can be superimposed, it is more appropriate that the total guarantee amount is about five times the annual income of the applicant.

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After reading this article, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of what insurance to buy for self-driving travel insurance. If you lack relevant travel experience, personal safety, there will be unsafe factors such as luggage and travel traffic, and a comprehensive self-driving travel insurance can allow us to face the risk of possible travel accidents with a layer of safety net, at the same time, you can enjoy the travel.

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