What is the status quo of the American auto insurance industry, do you understand

In this century, the car is not a rare product, more and more ordinary people have a car, it is well known that the United States is the world’s largest number of cars in the country, we often see crowded roads in movies and TV series, the more number of cars, the higher the frequency of traffic accidents. However, in the United States, there are few disputes caused by traffic accidents, which is mainly due to the perfect automobile insurance system in the United States.

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What is the rate in the United States? Affected by what factors? Car insurance rates are variable in most countries of the world, as is the case in the United States. This is mainly to minimize the frequency of the occurrence of moral hazard, so that the insurance premium charged to the insurance company is more reasonable. In the United States, the factors that affect auto insurance rates are the following:

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1, the price of the car. In most states in the United States, the price of a car is mainly calculated by the market price of a new car of the same model when an accident occurs, which is calculated according to a certain depreciation rate. The higher the price of a car, the higher the premium for car insurance.

2, the performance of the car. For example, the degree of sensitivity of the brake, etc., when an accident occurs during the driving of the car, the more sensitive the brake, the smaller the probability of a traffic accident.

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3, the number of cars. If the insured has more than one car, the frequency of use of the subject vehicle can be relatively reduced, thereby indirectly reducing the depreciation of the subject vehicle, compared with the insured who only has one car, the condition of their cars is undoubtedly better, so they should pay less premium.

4, the distance traveled. Since the insured person may drive the subject vehicle in multiple places every day, it is difficult to measure the driving distance in detail, most American states use the distance from the place of residence to the place of work as a reference standard. Although there are unreasonable elements in this calculation method, the pace of life in the United States is very fast, many people spend most of their time running between home and company, so this criterion can be used as a rough criterion to affect premium rates.

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5, the age of the driver. A person’s maturity is often closely related to age, and relatively older drivers are often not as “mad” as young drivers “, in the event of an accident will be relatively more calm, so the probability of occurrence of insurance accidents will be relatively low.

These are some of the information about American auto insurance. We can get the experience of more cars and less accident disputes in the United States, but the most important thing to avoid the occurrence of disputes is to reduce the occurrence of accidents, we must pay attention to safety when driving.

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