What should be the claims for allopatry auto insurance accidents?

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Now with the gradual improvement of road traffic, self-driving car to the field is very common. But the car in different places will face some trouble, such as the accident after the claim problem, when the body is in the field, what should be done in case of an accident? Do you know how to … Read more

Share the Experience of auto renewal insurance to make renewal more cost-effective

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Regardless of whether your car insurance is about to expire, you will find that the annual payment of all kinds of car insurance premium is not a small cost. Need to remind everyone is now at the end of the year, and the renewal of the time, many car owners are worried about the cost … Read more

What should be paid attention to when buying car insurance? How to buy better?

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Now there are more and more private cars, vehicles by rubbing, the risk of a car accident is also rising, so car insurance is a matter of every owner to consider. So what should be paid attention to when buying car insurance? 1. Pay attention to the terms of insurance, especially insurance liability and exclusion … Read more

Which insurance company is better for auto insurance? Which car insurance is cheaper?

How to choose the right car insurance? With the development of economy, more and more families choose to buy cars, and the rapid growth of the number of cars, making the road conditions become crowded, traffic accidents, vehicle scraping and other events are becoming more and more frequent. Therefore, many car owners will choose to … Read more