How to apply for auto insurance when buying a car in a different place

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Car insurance can be purchased in different places, as long as the owner’s ID card is available, and now many large insurance companies are supporting the nation-wide compensation, these companies have set up branches in various cities in the country, after the owner has purchased the car insurance in different places, once the insurance is … Read more

Auto insurance claims process, auto insurance claims required materials

Auto insurance claims process

With the increasing level of social development, vehicles have become the most important means of transport for our travel. Car insurance can protect our travel, even in the event of a traffic accident can be calm to deal. So after the occurrence of insurance accidents, how should we deal with it correctly? How to apply … Read more

What should be paid attention to when buying car insurance? How to buy better?

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Now there are more and more private cars, vehicles by rubbing, the risk of a car accident is also rising, so car insurance is a matter of every owner to consider. So what should be paid attention to when buying car insurance? 1. Pay attention to the terms of insurance, especially insurance liability and exclusion … Read more