How to apply for auto insurance when buying a car in a different place

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Car insurance can be purchased in different places, as long as the owner’s ID card is available, and now many large insurance companies are supporting the nation-wide compensation, these companies have set up branches in various cities in the country, after the owner has purchased the car insurance in different places, once the insurance is … Read more

How to buy car insurance online, should pay attention to what problems

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When it comes to car insurance, many people are more familiar with, after all, now there is a car family is very common. But sometimes after the expiration of the car insurance, consumers forget to renew or have no time to renew the insurance. In the event of an accident, the loss of the owner … Read more

Do you often buy car insurance online?

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With the continuous increase of automobile sales, it has become a top priority to improve the service level of the automobile insurance industry. The newly emerging online auto insurance is a big “speed-up” in the auto insurance industry, which is a new breakthrough in service experience such as out-of-door insurance, low-cost, and no demand for … Read more

How to buy car insurance online? After reading this, you will know

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Regardless of the channel through which the purchase of auto insurance, the protection of the claims is the same, the difference is only in the preferential policies and claims services are different. Online and offline channels are different, are approved by the Insurance Regulatory Commission, are legally protected by law, and claims are not affected. … Read more