What is the status quo of the American auto insurance industry, do you understand

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In this century, the car is not a rare product, more and more ordinary people have a car, it is well known that the United States is the world’s largest number of cars in the country, we often see crowded roads in movies and TV series, the more number of cars, the higher the frequency … Read more

What should I do if the traffic insurance and commercial insurance are not covered in one company?

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To buy a new car need to buy car insurance, this is a family of cars are aware. But in the car insurance is divided into compulsory insurance and commercial insurance, if the traffic compulsory insurance and commercial car insurance is not the same insurance company, how to claim an accident? Which insurance company should … Read more

What should be paid attention to when buying car insurance? How to buy better?

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Now there are more and more private cars, vehicles by rubbing, the risk of a car accident is also rising, so car insurance is a matter of every owner to consider. So what should be paid attention to when buying car insurance? 1. Pay attention to the terms of insurance, especially insurance liability and exclusion … Read more