The best living after 40 years old, have you done it?

In old age, meals are less, and chat is less.

During the Spring Festival this year, he had a talk with the director of “China on the tip of the tongue”: “How old are you now?”

“I’m old enough to eat only two meals a day. When I was young, my favorite fat bowel now obviously feels that I can’t digest it.”

After middle age, people have to pay attention to their own body and the rest of life.

what is the healthiest age

Assuming that the average life expectancy is 80 years old, 40 years old is just standing at the segmentation point of the upper and lower half of the life.

At this time, your life seems to have been stereotyped, have a stable job and family, but not willing to go on constantly;

At this time seems to be far away from the focus of life, but the physical and mental does not allow you to be as young as you can;

At this time, you are busy every day, there are things to do, but feel that you are not going on, and encounter bottlenecks……

The philosophical concept of “Living to death” was put forward by the psychologist Martin Heidegger. He believes that death is inevitable, every year, every day, every hour we live, are to the process of death, but with the countdown of living, with the concept of “death” to stimulate our inner “life” desire, life can burst into vitality.

healthy ageing across the life course

At the age of 40, it is precisely the beginning of the “life to death.

Leader of the team “lysala”, his grandfather suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, maternal stroke, need long-term care.

“Lysala” father of the three brothers, mother and two siblings, but the two elderly, can only take care.

He can’t help worrying, as the only child of his own, can not burden the parents of the pension problem, so they created this group, so that more support parents feel that Anxiety of the only child has a platform for communication.

The most common topics in the group were:

What kind of life insurance is good for parents?

What can prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

Is the early repayment or parents to buy pension?

Unable to adapt to live alone in later life of the mother, there is a strong desire to control, but also often think of the suffering of young, and his daughter to talk about the years of dissatisfaction.

life and critical illness cover

Wu an gave birth to a child, the mother received care at home, and the two people because of inconsistent lifestyles, parenting philosophy is not consistent, contradictory.

The relationship between mother and daughter is “back and forth between love and responsibility, struggling in the fetters”.

As an only daughter, Wu an had ten thousand concerns in her heart when she thought that she would come and live with her mother one day “.

In 2020, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a forecast that the country’s elderly population will exceed 0.3 billion in the next five years.

How to live a good old age? Whether it is to raise children to prevent the old, to the old, or to save money, Health insurance pension, the premise is that we have material and spiritual preparation for the future life.

healthy lifestyle habits

Japanese writer Matsuura maitake, once planned his retirement at the age of 50, to enjoy life, to study in the university, to make up for his regret that he did not enter the university when he was young.

But when he saw his aging parents, his thoughts suddenly changed.

Matsuura’s parents are not prepared for the old life, most of the time to rely on children to take care of, they are often at a loss, and the son said the most is: “I’m sorry, let you hard.”

how to live a healthy lifestyle

As a son, Matsuura maitake feels that it is natural to be filial to his parents, but they have a deep sense of guilt in their hearts.

He discovered that there are some old people, old age to rely on others, accept others, even if it is their own children, is a very hard thing.

The same is true for himself. One day when he is old, if he relies on his daughter, he will feel guilty. If he relies on society, he will feel restless for increasing the burden on young people.

In order to make his old life open and valuable, he assumed that his life peak was 70 years old. At that time, he should be healthy, able to take care of himself, optimistic and open-ended, it is not an “old” in the eyes of young people “.

In order to reach such a peak, he will start to change from the age of 70, take the age of 40 as a new starting point, change the state of mind, re-start, step by step towards a brilliant 70-year-old.

Some people say that your youth belongs to the book, the youth belongs to the work, the Middle Age belongs to the family, only the old age, really belong to our own.

In order to enjoy their own time, people need to complete the transformation of the way of thinking at the age of 40.

how to have a healthy lifestyle

Before the age of 40, is the “savings” period of life, and after the age of 40, is your “investment” period.

You don’t have to do the “savings” job of finding yourself and forming yourself, but think about how to invest in the experience of life and savings that has been established before, including visible assets and invisible assets.

For each person, the most important intangible things are not dependent on social relationships, but their own health and appearance. This is our most worthy investment in intangible assets.

40 to 70 years old, is a person from middle age to old age. If there is no plan, the day after day, the 30 years will soon pass.

When the time comes, it is meaningless to regret that many things you want to do are not done, and the people you want to see are not seen.

After 40 years of life, how to live more meaningful?

importance of healthy lifestyle

First: Look back to the past, sort out the past experience, re-understand yourself; Cultivate gratitude through the people and things around you, learn to put down everything, start from scratch.

Second: standing in the present, live every day more fully; Find your own invaluable and strive to improve yourself.

Third: look to the future, planning the next 30 years of life, so that 70 years of age can also be the peak of life.

In the “strange life”, Aya felt that her age had changed from a jumping little girl to a 40-year-old person. Mao, who is in the same line, said: “It is not easy to think so much, forty is the new twenty.”

In fact, no matter in which stage of life, if we can regularly check their life status, understand what is the most important, will not fall into confusion, lose the direction of life.

how to start a healthy lifestyle

Regardless of when and where, actively embrace life, seriously planning the future, whether it is 20 years old, 40 years old, or 70 years old, is the best age at present.

In the book “a new beginning for 40 years of age”, Matsuura, who shared the wisdom of his life:

After entering the age of forty, the best three sentences sealed;

What do you have at the moment?

How to convey the ideal family to children “?

Do not forget to prepare good pension funds;

Let you have a bright 70-year-old reading technique;

To the 40-year-old life reminder and so on……

He will let you know that the 40 year old is also a first-year new student, waiting in front of the old age, but the more flavor of life.

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