How to configure the tourism accident insurance more reasonably?

With the gradual improvement of living standards, many families in their leisure time will travel abroad as a family holiday, relaxation of choice. However, in foreign countries, people are not familiar with each other, there will be certain obstacles to language communication, and there may be some risks that may lead to personal or property damage. So what is the guarantee for traveling abroad? If you choose to travel accident insurance for travel, how to configure more reasonable?

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What should be prepared for traveling abroad?

Before traveling abroad, we should make a preliminary investigation of the destination country, especially the people who choose to travel freely should understand the travel policy and local customs of the destination country, and prepare the documents, clothing and daily necessities according to the national conditions of other countries. In addition to these, but also pay attention to the protection of personal and property safety. Many travelers will prepare an accident insurance product before traveling abroad. To reduce the personal or financial losses caused by accidents when traveling at a more affordable price. There are also some frequently traveling friends, in the choice of overseas travel accident insurance, will pay attention to the tourism accident insurance products in the emergency rescue services, to more perfect protection for travel. Here, the emergency rescue service of the little Norco is: when the insured has an accident, the insurance company and the relevant rescue agencies provide emergency assistance to the insured to the greatest extent possible to help the insured out of the plight.

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How to allocate the overseas tourism accident insurance more reasonably?
1. Configuration of insurance amount

Overseas tourism accident insurance and other types of insurance products of the allocation of different ideas. In addition to the situation of the insured, it is also required to comply with the requirements of different national travel policies. Mr. Zhang and his newly-married wife to choose to go to Europe for example: Mr. Zhang husband and wife of the destination includes the Member States of the SIS. All visa applicants are required to apply for travel insurance with a coverage of no less than EUR 30000 in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Schengen area. They are also the main economic source of the family, in order to avoid further harm to the family life when the accident occurs, can be rated to 5 to 7 times the annual income of the individual, both the visa application requirements are met and arrangements are made for unknown risk events.

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2. Configuration of the guarantee period

There are some differences in the design of tourism accident insurance, and the waiting period is different. Therefore, the travel accident insurance must be prepared before the start of the trip, so that the travel guarantee has taken effect, that is, the guarantee period includes all the trips. In addition, xiaonuo suggested that it is advisable to cover the travel period slightly more than the travel schedule, so as to avoid the lack of protection caused by the change of the trip. Summary of the configuration of the security period: purchase before travel, during the protection period to cover the entire travel and reserve a few days of mobile time.

The protection needed to travel abroad, the above content has been described in detail, I believe that we also understand the role of overseas tourism accident insurance in the overseas travel. I hope that the amount of insurance and the configuration of the security period can help you to buy the favorite tourism accident insurance products.

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