Can the party responsible for the traffic accident not report insurance?

As we now more and more vehicles, it is convenient for people to travel, but also a lot of problems. Although I don’t want to, but for a variety of reasons, traffic accidents are always happening. When a traffic accident occurs, the traffic police and public security authorities and other departments will summarize the responsible party of the accident according to the actual situation of the traffic, and the responsible party will compensate for the liability. Can the party responsible for the traffic accident not Report insurance?

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Can the party responsible for the traffic accident not Report insurance

1, the implementation of the compulsory insurance system is to force the motor vehicle owners or managers to purchase the corresponding liability insurance through national regulations, in order to improve the coverage of third-party liability insurance (referred to as the “three responsibility insurance”), to the greatest extent possible for the victims of traffic accidents to provide timely and basic protection.

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2, the strong insurance has more social management functions. The establishment of compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance system can not only help the victims of road traffic accidents to obtain timely and effective economic security and medical treatment, but also reduce the economic burden of the parties involved in traffic accidents.

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3, the traffic insurance is also mandatory, rather than general liability insurance, as long as the people or managers of motor vehicles running on Chinese roads should cover the traffic insurance, uninsured Motor vehicles are not allowed to travel on the road.


1, the insurance company has simplified the insurance claims procedures and processes, shorten the settlement cycle, improve the rescue fee advance payment mechanism, the owner in the purchase of the insurance, pay attention to record the insurance company’s claims telephone number.

2. If there is a road traffic accident involving third party casualties or property losses, the insured should first contact the 120 emergency telephone (if there is a personal injury), call the 110 traffic police, and call the insurance company to report the case. The insurance company may be required to pay or advance the rescue fee according to the situation, and the insurance company will inform the insured or the victim of the specific compensation procedures and other related matters.

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3. After the insurance company accepts the claims, the insurance company of the responsible vehicle shall conduct a survey and verify the loss of the victim. Within 1 day from the date of receipt of the compensation application, inform in writing of the need to provide evidence and information relating to compensation;

4. Within 5 days from the date of receipt of the certificate and information, whether it belongs to the insurance liability shall be approved, and the result shall be notified to the insured.

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5. For those who do not belong to insurance liability, the reasons shall be explained in writing. For those who belong to insurance liability, the insurance money shall be paid within 10 days after reaching an agreement with the insured

In summary, it can be concluded that the reported insurance can give the victim the most timely compensation and assistance, so that the accident victim can get the highest amount of compensation, so the reported insurance is necessary. However, if a small accident is encountered and the amount of compensation is relatively small, the two sides can negotiate with each other to solve the problem, or not to report Insurance.

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