What should I do if the traffic insurance and commercial insurance are not covered in one company?

To buy a new car need to buy car insurance, this is a family of cars are aware. But in the car insurance is divided into compulsory insurance and commercial insurance, if the traffic compulsory insurance and commercial car insurance is not the same insurance company, how to claim an accident? Which insurance company should be reported? When a car is out of danger, it is usually first covered by compulsory traffic Insurance. If the compensation limit is exceeded, it should be covered by commercial insurance.

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After the risk, there are three main types of insurance company claims:

1. Full responsibility of the owner

If the loss does not exceed the compulsory insurance limit, the compulsory insurance shall be fully covered; If the loss exceeds the compulsory insurance limit, the compulsory insurance shall be paid first, and the rest shall be compensated by commercial insurance.

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2. Both parties are responsible for the accident

If the loss does not exceed the limit of the compulsory insurance, the “mutual self-compensation”, that is, the respective compulsory insurance insurance company shall bear the liability for claims; If the limit of the compulsory insurance is exceeded, the same will be paid through the compulsory insurance, the remainder is compensated for liability through commercial insurance.

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3. No responsibility for the owner

The party responsible for the accident should bear the claims, but if the party responsible for the accident escape after the accident, for example, many car owners have been scraped during the parking but can not find the responsible party, in this case, strong insurance can not be settled, but the owner can be found after the commercial insurance company to report the case, the insurance company to verify the confirmation, can also be paid in accordance with a certain proportion.

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Small series Tip: As mentioned above, it may take more time to report the accident to the two insurance companies and wait for the staff of the two insurance companies to arrive at the scene. In the process of subsequent claims, the two insurance companies need to handle the claims separately, which may increase the burden of the claims. Therefore, in order to avoid the above problems, the owner should try to choose the same insurance company for insurance.

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