Is accident insurance useful in a foreign country?

Thanks to the development of transportation and tourism, people travel more and more diverse, has not been limited to the travel of the travel group. Even if you go abroad, many people will choose to travel freely. Compared with the newspaper tour group, the travel arrangement is more flexible and free. Is it safe to travel abroad by yourself? Can accident insurance buy at home play a role in foreign countries?

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Precautions for travel abroad

In general, most countries are safe, in many national destinations, we can do the following, increase their own travel safety index.

1, before going abroad to view China’s local consulate-the main reason for this change is to better, whether there is a caution to the prompt or risk told travel pre-electoral concerns in the country of destination News.

2, do not go to war, military control areas; Do not go to areas that are being divided or involved.

3, try to choose the comprehensive national strength improved in-country travel, medical, transportation, law and order in the areas of more secure.

4, as far as possible to choose domestic flight direct country convenient encountered an exception in a timely manner to return to its territory.

5, before going abroad to fully understand the local security situation, customs and habits, as well as the police and emergency medical assistance contact information.

6, after leaving cautious to remote areas, try to choose the security guarantee of big cities to play.

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In the foreign accident insurance is useful?

If abroad had an accident in domestic buy the accident can pay for it?
This depends on the specific circumstances, according to the insurance of the accident insurance is different, the insurance liability is not the same, the most relevant to the occurrence of an accident abroad can claim is the identification of the accident. We need to carefully read the insurance terms, outside the area covered by the “except during the” or “responsibility except”, that is to say in the overseas travel during whether the faces belong to the accident the entry into force of the Category played a decisive role in. If the “insurance liability” and other provisions do not clearly define the accident area as the mainland China region, it can also be considered that it is a product that can be claimed for accidents occurring abroad.

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What kind of accident insurance should be chosen before traveling abroad

Travel abroad is more suitable for short-term overseas travel accident insurance, is specifically designed for overseas travel an accident insurance. More professional, focused and can take all the factors into account and travel scene of insurance responsibility choice is also relatively free, you can according to their own travel days options. Professional overseas travel insurance, usually can also provide additional overseas rescue and treatment, treatment and transfer, personal and property theft protection and other additional responsibilities. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose special overseas travel accident insurance for accidents during travel abroad.

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 What should be done if an accident occurs abroad?

The first thing to do is to protect their own safety and their rights and interests, as soon as possible out of the critical situation and timely alarm or call for backup, as required, they can bring the matter before the local China into consulate for help.

After the situation is controlled, the compliance operation shall be carried out in accordance with the terms of the insurance agreement, so as to avoid disputes when claims arise.

“Free travel” although free and flexible, sought after by young people, but foreign is not the environment we are familiar with, we can not imagine the complex situation. So a person to travel abroad, it is necessary to maintain an up-to-travel accident insurance, to himself and his family a little more peace of mind.

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